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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Mar 15, 2009 06:48 Flag

    team selection

    now im not having a go at arry but does anyone understand his team selections . acording to yahoo chimbonda is starting at leftback and did last week, why??? where is ekotto and bale??? then bent starts and is down for starting this week , again why?? whats up with pava??? is there things im missing or is it injurys arnt being released by the press???

    i feel bent starting last week was a mistake and keano and pava should be 1st choice if fit. same for ekotto he is a natural left back so should start ahead of a right back.

    anyone tell me whats going on or explain things. i still feel arry is the man to sort us out this season, but do have my doubts about his long term commitment. he obviously wants to be england manager before he retires and tottenham is the ideal stepping stone for him.

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    • Saw where Harry said he selected Zok at RB based on how well he did against Ronaldo and Downing in the league.

      Young was another kettle of fish unfortunately for him. Corluka took care of him though. VC did a masterclass in playing a defensive full back role and just shut Young out of the game the rest of the way.

      And what kind of player would Ledley King be if he didn't have that crocked knee. Absolutely immense as was his CB partner Woodgate. To see king run down Agbonlahor...in the second half, was aamazing; espeically when you consider that a) Agbonlahor is one of the fastest players in the league and b) King doesn't train between games played...just recovers! Such a freaking shame ('Arry called him a "freak" based on what he's doing with little or no preparation...and he's right).

      Our defense was severely tested this game and we came through almost totally unscathed (their goal), so hopefully we've turned the corner in that respect...we'll know next game shan't we (haven't used that word in awhile [shan't])

      Hats off to Mr Redknapp for making the change when he did...basically saying "whoops, i got that wrong...let's fix it!"

    • Didn't see the game (again, grr...) so can't comment on it, but Chimbonda's normally pretty good at doing what he's told; if he's told to sit back & let Lennon get forward he will. It's not the first time (since Jan) Zok's been selected for RB when Chimbonda's been an obvious choice, the last time I wondered if it was a punishment for something but that was a few weeks back... hmm.

      I reckon Corluka was being rested, he's played almost every game when he's fit, so he could probably use a little break just before the big final push. I don't think it'd be a punishment, I don't think Arry'd mind those comments too much because they're showing ambition & the necessary fight. Zok's filled in quite well at RB when necessary so should've seemed like an at least passable option (although obviously Chim'd be a better one).

    • Re the non selection of Chimbo. Could it be that Arry does not think he and Lennon would work particularly well? Arry knew Young has been on form and wanted to stop the supply to Hesky so he picked Zok on the basis of him being quick and a tackler but it didn't work and full marks to him for being brave enough to do something about it early.

      Chimbo is a good RB but he likes to get forward thereby negating a bit of Lennon's thunder AND potentially leaving Young free to attack.

      Either that or Chimbo is injured of course but I thkn k we would have heard if that had been the case. Anyway, it worked out ok in the end so well done the boys. Apart from the goal and a few tackles I thought Jenas was poor again and Palicios made a few too many mistakes but he is still saettling in so I will let him off.

    • again a strange selection at right back, why zokora ??? corluka came on and was brilliant, but had to come on cos zok was getting skinned and then got booked. not his fault he is a centre mid not a right back.

      oh well a great win and pushes up the table. coys

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      • Looking at the options Benidorm,i think arry stuck Zakora there because he's got pace, though midfield players tend to stand off a little, and this was giving Young the chance he needed to to attack instead of being stopped in his tracks which thankfully Corluka and Lennon done,and once again well done arry and the boys for sorting this one out. COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      • Although I welcomed Palacios's arrival, I thought today he made a lot of bad passes, something I've noticed in other games. Jenas wasted a lot as well, but reacted well for the fiorst goal.

        When Corluka came on at right back, he tamed Young most of the time as his awareness is much better than Zakora. I would have put Zakora where he normally plays, although his yellow card probably played a part in Harry's decision to sub him.

        Lennon played very well again, Keano so-so. All the back four played well, especially Woody & King. Even Gomes was steady most of the time.

        Well done Spurs, carry on like this and relegation fears might turn in to Euro hopes.