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  • JEFFALL JEFFALL Mar 16, 2009 03:06 Flag

    team selection

    Looking at the options Benidorm,i think arry stuck Zakora there because he's got pace, though midfield players tend to stand off a little, and this was giving Young the chance he needed to to attack instead of being stopped in his tracks which thankfully Corluka and Lennon done,and once again well done arry and the boys for sorting this one out. COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    • Anyone else notice how much weight Zokora has lost lately - he looked positively skinny today. Didn't think he did as well as he usually does today and was relieved to see him replaced by Corluka, who did very well after coming on.

      What'shappened to Chimbo lately? Is he injured?

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      • Well that's the $64,000 question isn't Kentish...we have a number of right backs...all with their own merits, but I ould have thought the first choice to face a speedy somewhat tricky winger, would have been Chimbonda, for all his personal trait faults, not many people out run this guy. That said, Harry recognized he was on to a loser with Zok at RB...and it could've been disastrous when he picked up the yellow...put Corluka on, who's strength is positioning and tackling and Young's threat was snuffed out. BAE was immense on the other flank...haven't seen him ruffle so many feathers in one game...he really got stuck in there...and he's no slouch when it comes to foot races either. Hope to see more of the same from him on a consistent basis.

        Two opportunists goals (Keane might feel hard done by...but like I said Bent has a knack of being in the right place, even if he doesn't always do the right thing) thanks to their keeper. A dash of luck (Heskey hitting the bar right before half time).

        We pretty much bossed most of the second half.

        Palacios, was a tough cookie in teh middle (he gave the ball away a fair few times but mainly on bad touches, not passes as some here said. He poke the ball ahead of himself a little too far and funnily enough, pull out of the resulting 50-50 ball hmm wonder about that if he's supposed to be our hard man!).

        Good effort all around. Zok won't be happy with his performance, but, no Villa goals were scored when he was on the pitch so he can look at the bright side.