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  • Born2Suffer Born2Suffer Mar 16, 2009 04:33 Flag

    Ye of little faith...

    Sorry Old Fan, but I just pipped you to it in the same thread.

    My prediction 1-2 to Spurs was on the money, though I did say Zakora might score and I've no doubt he would have if Harry hadn't subbed him, rotten bugger.

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    • B2S and OF...good call...i made no call in the negatory (heard that was a word somewhere)...so will not be heaped with the "little faith" people (as a matter of fact I switched Keane into my fantasy team and took Tevez out...though I thought it to be a big ask for RK to score in three straight games).

      B2S...as for Zakora scoring...not a chance. He had to come off (well done Harry)...Young was making him look foolish down the right touchline (why was Chimbonda not playing I wonder...hurt? or hurt feelings?)> Anyway, Corluka came on and I truly feared the worse knowing that Corluka isn't as quick as Zokora...but he snuffed out the Young threat in an instant...and then Villa had to play honest football, which made them easier to deal with.

      We scrapped for our lives in the first half after taking the lead...and the Villains threw everything at us incuding the kitchen sink.

      The player I would have without reservation, picked for MOM was BAE...let himself down with the cross that led to their only goal. It was the BAE of old, laying off and hoping for the block...didn't get it this time...and this after steaming into evrything and everyone all afternoon long (fatigue maybe...wasn't long after he got decked in a clash that the goal came.

      King was solid and showed Agbonlahor that he's still got a lot to learn playing up front.

      Keane and Bent were busy upfront... and more than once I saw Bent steaming back 40 - 50 yards from attack to defense to slow down a would be fast break.

      The goal we conceded? BAE not closing...Gomes not coming for the ball as he had been all game long and with mostly good results...and I can't fault Woodgate, he was outjumped for the first time all game...so it was a combination...we did kind of switch off a little (90 minutes lad...a FULL 90 minutes).

      Looks like I put the mockers on Friedel when I picked him for my "if we had an arab fairy god-mother" team. (I know what I'm doing). Two uncharacteristic mistakes leading to both our goals. I should be angry at Bent for nicking Keane's goal, but I'm not...as you lot say, he's a lucky sod (who knows had he not been there Reo-Coker might have cleared it...or worse turned it into his own net and it go down as an own-goal. So good for Bent...15 and counting...keep being a jammy-git DB...you've got my vote.

      Anyway, sweet revenge for them beating us at home (that's how I look at it...the goons might be running around congratulating us...but thefact is they won the day before...now the two of them are level on points. We didn't do them any favours...but we did ourselves a great big favour...good one boys!!

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      • B2S - gotta challenge your statement in the interests of accurate reporting .... your post read:
        "Call me old-fashioned, but I've got a feeling in me water that Spurs are gonna win by the odd goal.
        And one day Zakora will score, so why not on Sunday.
        Time for a reality check maybe, let's wait and see."
        No mention of 2-1!
        That being said - I believe that we have both been supporting the Lilleywhites for some number of years - my first game was in 1960, and I believe that you go back at least that far (if I remember another post from you) ..... I think the fact that we both called the win says something about those of us who have been around for a while!
        All the best mate.

    • On the money, Born, well done. Well done the pair of you, but did you lay money out. My fiver at 7 to 1 for Spurs to win 1-0 went down the pan--40 quid, I could have eaten for a week.
      Just goes to show how confident the Spurs fans are getting these days though, not being surprised by good results.