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  • Alan H Alan H Mar 16, 2009 01:25 Flag

    Harry And Beckham Thing

    I always thought that when Beckham was moving out of Madrid, that if Spurs or Arsenal had gone in for him then he would definitely have moved to London.
    Good for his international prospects and ideal for his missus. I like the lad, rate him highly, but another two years have ticked away since Madrid. Maybe a little too late Harry.

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    • Ah, well.

    • Agree with you Alan, and I think if the opportunity arose for us to snap him up for a decent price, I'd say go for it. I think we could get the best out of what he has left.
      Also, if I was Harry, I would make sure Becks and Bentley work together, room together, everything. Make Beckham Bentleys mentor.

      Becks, as of now, is a consumate professional and he could teach Bentely so much - and help him reach his potential.

      Works for both of us - Becks gets to prove his worth for the world cup, we hopefully get a Bentley hitting his full potential.