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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 17, 2009 17:44 Flag

    players u want out win us the villa game

    To be fair SB those who want King out are in the minority on this board.....most of us think he deserves a contract for life.
    As for Jenas and Bent......well one swallow does not make a summer..............I stand by my views on both of them although I did encourage people to give Bent the benifit of the doubt earlier on in the season. I thought he deserved a run of games to show what he could do.............for me he hasn't grasped the nettle.
    Jenas falls into that group who were bought for their 'potential' but never fulfilled it. He's an average Joe with the odd flash of quality (just to annoy the hell out of us). Id rather watch someone in his position who doesnt toy with me!!
    Its ironic that those 3 were so influential (if you can call 2 taps a stroke of genius)....but thats all for me......ironic.

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    • I agree with you EY. If you look at the game as a whole both Jenas and Bent were not up to the job. Apart from the goal Jenas did very little and Bent was just there to tap in a ball that was going over the line anyway.

      King was good but we know he is good. BUT he is only good when he is on the pitch. The issue is that he can only make some games and that upsets the balance of the team.

      I think Layla is trying to score some cheap "see I was right all along" points and its not very becoming is it.