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  • Mark THFC Mark THFC Mar 17, 2009 20:11 Flag

    players u want out win us the villa game


    Good post Ey.....Jenas has had nearly 4 seasons with us now,which i feel is more than enough time for him to show us how good he is EVERY GAME.

    As for Bent he was never good enough for Spurs,and at the time we didnt need another striker.Im sorry like most spurs fans ive tried to give him a chance this season,but he doesnt seem to be on the same wavelength as the players around him.

    And SB im sure youre wrong about most of us wanting rid of King,and im sure he will be with us for along time yet.Its looking likely that we wont have european football next season,so we will be back to playing 1 game a week and hopefully Ledders will be fit enough to play more pl games for us

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