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  • Jlock Jlock Mar 17, 2009 22:41 Flag

    players u want out win us the villa game

    ..a player scoring isn't the only thing that won the game, it was the whole team performance (or 80% of the team anyway)...
    The first half they looked pretty poor, but they came alive in the second and (IMHO) deserved the victory.
    The fact that it was Jenas/Bent who scored, doesn't make them 'good' players (although I thought Bent was trying to outdo RK with the closing down and he at least appeared to be giving it his all).

    As for King - IMHO he's a problem. I personally think that Dawson has also been superb (again) this season. The problems I 'perceive' with King are threefold:
    1) You never know when he can play.
    2) It must unsettle Dason to know that although Ledley doesn't train, he gets picked irrespective of how well Dawson has been doing.
    3) We don't then appear to focus on getting permanent cover at centre back.

    King is a brilliant player - no question - and he deserves a lifetime 'job' at Spurs (hopfully ensuring that our defence is well trained and can read the game like he does) - but while he has a problem I (IMHO) think that has the knock on effects above. If he/the club can rectify the problem, then great - but if not, I think 'arry has to look for cover.

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