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  • Jlock Jlock Mar 18, 2009 00:53 Flag

    players u want out win us the villa game

    IMHO is all it ever comes down to, as it matters not a jot what we think (or not as the case may be)...it's 'arry's thoughts that matter.

    A man walks into a fish and chip shop and orders cod and chips. The chippie says 'Do you want salt and vinegar on that?' and the man replies '...no, I think not...' and disappears........

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    • Bent played well, Jenas played well...we'll see how they do against stiffer opposition (Chelsea) and if they do well then, we'll see how they do the next week and the next and the next.

      I'm not here to slate our players when they play good just because they didn't in previous games. I'm not slating Keane for a fairly limp-wristed performance on Sunday (and yes he's back to his whingeing best I see). Palacios' strength isn't distributing the ball, but he's not alf bad at winning it or causing a mistake from an opposition ball-carrier.

      Enjoy the win...you know we all wait wit baited breath to see how we do next time out the gate.

    • John, Obviously every comment on here is a IMHO. I was just pointing out that you had used it 3 times in one previous post. Just a cheeky comment that missed the spot obviously.

      Didn't get the chip shop message tho'...... Sorry

      Apart from that I agree with pertty much everything you have said.

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      • The whole post was a philosophical moment.....one of those Hamlet moments (was it Hamlet cigars?)......

        I was talking about what 'we think' and 'what 'arry thinks' - and it led me to that old phrase - 'I think, therefore I am' (by some French bloke called Sartre I think (there I go again)) - and that led to the 'joke' (well, a slightly humourous surreal image really)...maybe it will make more sense reading this - then again, maybe not...

        Bl****dy ellipses...I start typing and suddenly they appear...why, I'm not sure....