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  • Roger Mellie Roger Mellie Mar 18, 2009 18:19 Flag

    players u want out win us the villa game

    Sorry Layla but Bent and Jenas are shit and theres nothing we can do about it. Ship em out to Fulham and West Ham. They always take em in. Its like Sheltered Housing for Footballers

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    • Reality is that just about everyone on the team has played like crap at some point during the past season - for whatever reason. There has been lack of match fitness, too many games, lack of fire and drive and motivation, terrible attitude, sulking, and then there's simply "he had a bad game" (and that happens to everyone at times). At the end of the day, if we are playing good 'ball, and winning games, I don't care if 'arry's wife is leading the attack, and his dog is marshalling the midfield. The facts are (as 'arry likes to remind the press) that since he took over we have a pretty good record, we are climbing the table, we haven't been beaten by a "top 4" (I hate that f'ing expression) side, almost took Manure in the final, are looking better every week, and IMHO (had to get one of them in!), have a pretty good chance of making Europe next year!
      So yeah - I'll trust 'arry, and I'll wait until the end of the year and see how everyone plays (now that we seem to have a bit more team attitude) before I start slagging players. There are always going to be issues around playing time, it comes with the territory.
      As someone has already commented - it's the team that matters, and it's the team that wins the game. Sure - Palacios may not be the best distributor of the ball, but who can argue that our midfield is not better since he has been on the team?
      I'm loving what is happening at the club - and I stil think we are going to take Chelsea 1-0 this week-end!
      P.S. And thank heaven that Dawson is a club player, because as someone said - I would be pissed off if I was playing well and consistently only to be replaced by Ledley (who I willingly admit is a GREAT player - when he can play) because his knee is feeling O.K. It says a lot about Dawson!

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      • Very well said Old Fan, right on the button.

        I'm sure you remember our earlier exchanges re: the queen's english. Well I'm afraid I have to give you 100 lines:

        Write "In my defence, not defense" 100 times. When you have done them, you can email them here for all to see (Ha-Ha)

        All the best.

      • Without wishing to turn this into the same old defence argument yet again, if I was Daws I wouldn't be pissed off about being kicked out for King, I'd be pissed off about being kicked out for Woody. Granted, I hear he had a great game Sun, but he's been inconsistent at best this season (although has tended to pull it out of the bag for the 'big games'), and has made a lot of mistakes that Dawson's been blamed for (e.g. being out of position so Daws has two people to man-mark, then if one gets away Daws gets the blame).

        I think in his shoes (considering how much he's learnt from King in his time at the club, & how he's broken through to the first team - he wasn't a ready made CB on purchase), I'd accept that King would U should come into the squad as & when, it'd be the other place I was fighting for (deserve?). It shows he's a team player but also that he doesn't think he's bigger than the club - I've never noticed even a whiff of attitude about him, which is refreshing; I'll whisper it for now, but he's got potential to be a club legend in 5 years.