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  • Jlock Jlock Mar 19, 2009 18:45 Flag

    players u want out win us the villa game

    That's why Daws is at the top of my list. He doesn't moan even when he's getting slammed. Even when the whole defence (team) was dross it seemed that it was either Robinson or Daws who got the blame. He just stuck at it (as to be fair did Robinson - shame he went).
    And he plays with a smile - interviewed, he comes across really well. Not a thug, just a hard working, 'honest' defender. It King was 'fit' again - Daws and him would be my ideal pairing.

    Now, 'arry 'll play 'im on Sat and 'e'll 'ave 'an 'owler...ellipses go and then I'm struck by a case of apostrophyitis