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  • Layla Layla Mar 17, 2009 05:36 Flag

    players u want out win us the villa game

    i constantly hear u fellow spurs posters sayin we should sell jenas & bent and say thank u to king but make him retire.
    low & behold jenas & bent scored and king was outstanding at the back as normal.
    i admit i want jenas to go,bent id givce longer & like iv always said "keep king at all costs,even if he can only play 1 game a week that is well worth it.
    hope levy dont read this message board and listens to u posters who say we should get rid of king.

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    • To be fair SB those who want King out are in the minority on this board.....most of us think he deserves a contract for life.
      As for Jenas and Bent......well one swallow does not make a summer..............I stand by my views on both of them although I did encourage people to give Bent the benifit of the doubt earlier on in the season. I thought he deserved a run of games to show what he could do.............for me he hasn't grasped the nettle.
      Jenas falls into that group who were bought for their 'potential' but never fulfilled it. He's an average Joe with the odd flash of quality (just to annoy the hell out of us). Id rather watch someone in his position who doesnt toy with me!!
      Its ironic that those 3 were so influential (if you can call 2 taps a stroke of genius)....but thats all for me......ironic.

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      • I agree with you EY. If you look at the game as a whole both Jenas and Bent were not up to the job. Apart from the goal Jenas did very little and Bent was just there to tap in a ball that was going over the line anyway.

        King was good but we know he is good. BUT he is only good when he is on the pitch. The issue is that he can only make some games and that upsets the balance of the team.

        I think Layla is trying to score some cheap "see I was right all along" points and its not very becoming is it.

    • ..a player scoring isn't the only thing that won the game, it was the whole team performance (or 80% of the team anyway)...
      The first half they looked pretty poor, but they came alive in the second and (IMHO) deserved the victory.
      The fact that it was Jenas/Bent who scored, doesn't make them 'good' players (although I thought Bent was trying to outdo RK with the closing down and he at least appeared to be giving it his all).

      As for King - IMHO he's a problem. I personally think that Dawson has also been superb (again) this season. The problems I 'perceive' with King are threefold:
      1) You never know when he can play.
      2) It must unsettle Dason to know that although Ledley doesn't train, he gets picked irrespective of how well Dawson has been doing.
      3) We don't then appear to focus on getting permanent cover at centre back.

      King is a brilliant player - no question - and he deserves a lifetime 'job' at Spurs (hopfully ensuring that our defence is well trained and can read the game like he does) - but while he has a problem I (IMHO) think that has the knock on effects above. If he/the club can rectify the problem, then great - but if not, I think 'arry has to look for cover.

    • Sorry Layla but Bent and Jenas are shit and theres nothing we can do about it. Ship em out to Fulham and West Ham. They always take em in. Its like Sheltered Housing for Footballers

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      • Reality is that just about everyone on the team has played like crap at some point during the past season - for whatever reason. There has been lack of match fitness, too many games, lack of fire and drive and motivation, terrible attitude, sulking, and then there's simply "he had a bad game" (and that happens to everyone at times). At the end of the day, if we are playing good 'ball, and winning games, I don't care if 'arry's wife is leading the attack, and his dog is marshalling the midfield. The facts are (as 'arry likes to remind the press) that since he took over we have a pretty good record, we are climbing the table, we haven't been beaten by a "top 4" (I hate that f'ing expression) side, almost took Manure in the final, are looking better every week, and IMHO (had to get one of them in!), have a pretty good chance of making Europe next year!
        So yeah - I'll trust 'arry, and I'll wait until the end of the year and see how everyone plays (now that we seem to have a bit more team attitude) before I start slagging players. There are always going to be issues around playing time, it comes with the territory.
        As someone has already commented - it's the team that matters, and it's the team that wins the game. Sure - Palacios may not be the best distributor of the ball, but who can argue that our midfield is not better since he has been on the team?
        I'm loving what is happening at the club - and I stil think we are going to take Chelsea 1-0 this week-end!
        P.S. And thank heaven that Dawson is a club player, because as someone said - I would be pissed off if I was playing well and consistently only to be replaced by Ledley (who I willingly admit is a GREAT player - when he can play) because his knee is feeling O.K. It says a lot about Dawson!

    • That makes me chuckle - what odds do you reckon I'd have got if at the beginning of the season I'd put a tenner on Woody being our most used player?! In fairness, he seems to be on top fitness now, he got a slight injury a little while back but that was probably due to mild exhaustion too... you thought using the 'p' word was bad, here's the big jinx:

      our defence is looking pretty strong at the moment!

      There, I've gone and ruined it now ;)

    • Odds, nbr--you'd probably be sitting there picking a new car out now. Shush---we shouldn't be having this conversation.

    • It's pomegranate Alan :-)

    • You've gone and given him the answer now, go sit at the back.

    • What's copy and paste?

    • a comedy act ;-)

    • Something that would have been useful when we were at Skool.

      Mind you, lines were better than the dreaded cane....and I had plenty of both!

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