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  • DEREK W DEREK W Mar 18, 2009 19:52 Flag

    anybody remember cloughie?

    just seen a review of the new film about cloughie short doomed career as Leeds Utd manager.....now he WAS a manager...he did wonders with old discarded players....took pebbles and turned them into diamonds....i wish he was at WHL now....he would gee them up.....a rough diamond was our brian....but brilliant at man-management....a genius
    ....up there with stein,busby,nicholson,shankly......

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    • Keep your hair on lads;

      Hate to get all Wiki on ya but here's the Wik first paragraph description of Peace's book:
      The Damned Utd is a novel by British author David Peace which presents a fictionalised account of Brian Clough's brief spell as manager of Leeds United football club in 1974.

      This was my knowledge going into the read of this book...FICTIONALIZED. The book is referred to as a novel right on the cover and the last time I looked novels by their very definition were fiction.

      Yes there's fair amount of fact in the fiction and maybe the lines were blurred as far as which was what...but at the end of the day fiction is made up stuff and shouldn't be taken as anything else. My viewpoint on what I thought of Cloughie based on what I knew about him before reading didn't change a bit...the guy's was a genius!

      As far as Giles winning a law suit; Can anyone point me to somewhere where I might get some info on this.

      My 2 cents...good book (my opinion).

    • Some great quotes from Clough.

      I'm not saying i am the best manager in the world...........But i'm in the top 1.

      Rome wasn't built in a day...............But i wasn't on that job.


      Brilliant.....also yes

    • I tend to look at non fiction (factual) books as 'historical' documents. On that basis I get quickly disalusioned and bored if I know that what Im reading is mostly nonsense. I read a fair amount of history books too so Im aware of the necessity of reading between the lines and/or ensuring that I read several different of books on a particular subject from a range authors before I take a viewpoint myself.
      Obviously this goes for the Clough book too so although Im sure I'll get round to reading it and seeing the film some day....I'll be sure to research both sides of the story.

    • Very true, Essex---loads of factual and amusing stuff available about Clough without having to fabricate.
      That's my point, even the Leeds guys who hated Cloughie resented Peace's take on them, Giles in particular. Heavy reading for me, I passed the book on to a mate of mine, he gave up half way into it.

    • I saw last nights documentry too Alan....didnt they quote Peace as saying he regretted certain aspects of his book and wished he hadnt written them in?
      Now my question is this.....surely Cloughies life was colourful enough to have written a book using nothing but factual material?
      Did it need 'souping up'?
      Ive not seen the film yet but Ive got to ask the question of why filmakers bother to make a film about specialist subjects (e.g football) and then deviate from facts and realities in favour of melodrama. If you dont like football you probably wouldnt bother going to see it...and if you do, your gonna spend the whole time picking holes in the 'facts'. We might be dim in lots of other ways but us footy fans know our fcuking stuff when it comes to the round ball game......I just think this film could have been made showing 99% of the facts and still been rivetting stuff!

    • Cloughie--Brian Close, there's a bit of the old white rose running through your veins, Derek my man.
      Bet you like Yorkshire puds on the quiet.

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      • yum yum alan..i love yorkshire pud..,..and respect men who are their own man.....bvut i like exciting attacking players....like denis compton.keith miller,jimmy greaves,ginola,rodney marsh etc.....not hutton ,boycott,george graham..dour defensive.great talent ...........but they ain't my cup ot tea....that is why i pinned my star to spurs.....yhey played open ATTACkING football

    • Cloughie's first management job was my local club Hartlepool United. They were on the bones of their arses, he toured workmens clubs in the area rallying the troupes and raising money.
      When he went to Derby County he came back and gave Pools 5 grand for an old mate of mine Tony Parry which kept the club afloat. He had a headful of ideas for raising morale but it would take all day to spill some of them out.
      I best remember him when he played for the Boro, he was captain and the players couldn't stand the sight of him. On TV he was asked the question--"Is it true you don't socialise with your team-mates very much?"
      "100% true, he said--They don't like being told what to do by someone who knows what he's talking about."

    • i forget which club he was managing but the players were whingeing about he was too hard on them in training.
      so he took them on a trip down a coal mine ,,to the coal face
      ....he said'consider yourself lucky you don't have to go down there every day!'......that shut them up...lol!