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  • Alan H Alan H Mar 18, 2009 20:23 Flag

    anybody remember cloughie?

    Cloughie's first management job was my local club Hartlepool United. They were on the bones of their arses, he toured workmens clubs in the area rallying the troupes and raising money.
    When he went to Derby County he came back and gave Pools 5 grand for an old mate of mine Tony Parry which kept the club afloat. He had a headful of ideas for raising morale but it would take all day to spill some of them out.
    I best remember him when he played for the Boro, he was captain and the players couldn't stand the sight of him. On TV he was asked the question--"Is it true you don't socialise with your team-mates very much?"
    "100% true, he said--They don't like being told what to do by someone who knows what he's talking about."

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