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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 18, 2009 20:43 Flag

    anybody remember cloughie?

    Not sure how many of these are genuinely his.... but enjoy.


    A true legend of the game whichever way you look at him.

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    • thank you essex....i read your contribution....brought back happy memories of cloughie.....what a great manager and down to earth human being......proud to have been in his era
      .....he should have been england manager ....the same as brian close should have been england cricket captain....but they both weren't yes men....

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      • Agree Derek but the FA were too frightened of his outspokenness to let him have a go. Same as when they offloaded Venables after Euro 96 because of the legal problems he was having - big mistake.

        If I remember rightly, Brian Close did captain England but only for a few tests - it was in the Tony Greig era I think so maybe he was just a stand-in. A true gentlemanly cricketer. Was Boycott ever considered captain material? Probably too outspoken if not.

      • When you think of some of the managers the FA have rejected over the years simply coz their faces didnt fit...its scandalous.
        Cloughie, Big Jack Charlton (they didnt even acknowledge his application letter) to name a couple...anyone know any others that spring to mind?
        Is it possible Cloughs real talents lay with discovering young players, honing rough diamonds and generally making winning teams from otherwise unremarkable individuals (not unlike Harry)
        yet when given a team of ready made superstars (Leeds) he may not have been as effective? Perhaps the FA saw the Leeds debacle rather than his personality as the issue.