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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 26, 2009 17:59 Flag

    anybody remember cloughie?

    I saw last nights documentry too Alan....didnt they quote Peace as saying he regretted certain aspects of his book and wished he hadnt written them in?
    Now my question is this.....surely Cloughies life was colourful enough to have written a book using nothing but factual material?
    Did it need 'souping up'?
    Ive not seen the film yet but Ive got to ask the question of why filmakers bother to make a film about specialist subjects (e.g football) and then deviate from facts and realities in favour of melodrama. If you dont like football you probably wouldnt bother going to see it...and if you do, your gonna spend the whole time picking holes in the 'facts'. We might be dim in lots of other ways but us footy fans know our fcuking stuff when it comes to the round ball game......I just think this film could have been made showing 99% of the facts and still been rivetting stuff!