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    Pavlyuchenko In Recent Times

    Pavlyuchenko hasn't been played in the past few games and has not been subbed in either. Does anyone know why he hasn't been played? Clearly he is better than Bent who can only get tap-ins all season.

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    • I guess that Harry Redknapp one of the worsed coaches in primier
      league.He does not have any game concept. And the most bad that at it is favourites and players whom he does not appreciate. Therefore Pav sits on a bench. As a supporter of Spartak , and it would be desirable to tell: Pav run therefrom. Even without game practice he has well played for a national team

    • I just dumped a long explanation that basically said...Yes, I agree with you.

      Details would just get in the way.

      My comments speak mainly of here and now; so the settling for Jenas is not a settling for mediocrity; its just where we are at this point in time (unless you think should play someone else fom the squad in his place).

      Jenas gone in the summer? Yes, if we find a suitable (read better) replacement. Now, I know I open myself up to some more ridicule...better than Jenas...my old lady...etc etc etc). but seriously; if we are to push on a have a team that fits the club (lets face it, as a club/organization we're doing pretty damn well).

      Signing off mid-thought due to work load here...we'll get back at ya soon.

    • 1. I dont think I am a snub!!
      2. I didn't say we should transfer list him but there are ways of making sure other clubs know a player is available.
      3. Some of the other players you mention are in the "still not proven" category - I just think Jenas is the worst of the bunch IMHO
      4. I have never said I think we should be trying to get the best players in the World but we should be trying to trade up on the poorer ones we have.
      5. I think you will find I did not have much of an opinion on whether or not King played in the CC final.
      6. I am not sure you can compare a thread on whether King should play in the CC final, upon which there was bound to be lots of different opinions, to one where there is a straightforward choice to be made on whether or not someone thinks a particular player should be sold or not.

      BUT, nbr is right - this thread has most definately run its course.......

    • i think a lot of spurs fans are snubs, they look down there noses at players like jenas,bent & zokara. we are not manchester united so we arent going to replace them with villa, ribery & eto. we need amplayer who can score 15 prem goals a season & players who can tackle in the middle of the pitch.
      i wouldnt pay much attention to your jenas poll either, a while ago i was having people telling me i was wrong for sayin king should start in the cup final & that 1 game a week of king is more then enough. but suddenly now that he gets called into the england squad people are startin threads like king is king.
      yes i would sell jenas if we got a decent offer in, but i wouldnt transfer list him or say he is for sale. why pick on just jenas? huddlestone,gunter,tarrabt,bale,huddlestone, o hara & even pavy havent exactly took the premeirship by storm.
      and rambros right about us not being able to track the biggest stars, we needed a top striker & the best we could get was pavy- not bad but not exactly the new klinsmann is he

    • I want to have the last word....and here it is...............Transmogriphying!

    • I don't want to sound like I'm getting arsy, but this has become really boring. Can we leave it now? I won't even try to get the last word.

    • Thanks nbr. Extract from the link -

      "Yes, statistics can be made to show whatever you want sometimes but over the course of nearly two seasons I don’t think even those trying to defend Zokora could argue with these numbers. I went into this analysis with an open mind but I believe this has now closed the debate for good.

      Quite simply, Zokora is the weak link in our side. If we average 0.93ppg with him playing every week, we would end a full season with him as our fulcrum on 35 points. In other words, Zokora will get us relegated this season. Will those defending him still do so if that nightmare scenario becomes a reality?"

      I am not defending Zakora nbr - I am saying Jenas is not good enough to help Spurs improve their position. The majority of supporters appear to think the same. All this link really says is that Zakora is the worst of the three compared.

    • I'm well ready for that!

    • I commend you on the stats nbr........you cant argue with them.

      Funny thing for me is that Im not overly happy with Zokora or Thudd these days either!!
      JJ is not exactly 'up against it' with those 2 as rivals eh? (im saying this with a smile on my face...its not meant to open up another debate over Zok and Hudd!)

      Still Im ready to put this JJ one to bed (I dunno about anyone else)......Im happy for a mutual 'agree to disagree' scenario where Jenas is concerned.......I dont think there is much more we can wring out of this one is there?

    • Just in response to the bit about stats: I posted this when it came out I think, and yes it's imperfect but so are all stats, it at least gives an indication of the figures which you asked for.


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