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    Spurs and the PL Title....

    No no calm down.....this is not a thread about us winning the title (you trolls can put away your poison pens)...rather a thread about how Spurs have and can continue to have a major say in who wins it this year. We have already limited the ar5e to only 2 points from us, Chelski have just the one....Liverpool nothing from us yet and Utd only the one point as well. We still have away games at both Utd and Pool so I think we could just cause a few problems to someone tilte push. For a team that had such a poor record against the 'so called' top 4 we suddenly seem to have torn up the form book recently.

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    • I agree EY.

      The mere fact that we have recently put a spanner in the works of the very teams vying for the Champions League positions mean that we can't be too far behind them in terms of ability.

      Aston Villa & Chelsea must have thought playing against a team who not so long ago were desperate for any points were forgone conclusions - yet we took maximum points of both of them.

      If we could throw the same spanner into the works against the Manc's and Mickey's then we could yet determine where the title race could end up ( my preferred choice would be the Mickey-Mousers - so long as its not the Goons or Chavski ).

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      • i think west brom would beat villa at the moment & chelsea arent exactly firing all cylinders. chelsea always difficult to beat,so it was a good win but we needed some luck.
        i think its more of a case of the big 4 not being as dominant as they use to be.i think next season will be a great chance for a non top4 team to break into the pack. obviously this season will see the usually 4 at the top but next season should be a real chance for someone(hopefully us)