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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 26, 2009 22:44 Flag

    Spurs and the PL Title....

    if you could pick between: two draws against the scouse and manure,a win against the scouse loss to manure and win against manure and loss against liverpool?well........(my choice is the latter)

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    • Preferably, I would like to see us go unbeaten against both Manure & against the Mickey's.

      Just think that no matter how bad our season has been finishing outside of the top 10 ( if it happens - and lets face it, it could happen ) we could honestly say that we are the only team who have gone unbeaten against the so called top four this season.

      No mean feat in the modern game!

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      • In theory I'm with you on that, but in practise the extra point we'd have if we won one & lost one could be the difference between Europe & not (or - equally as importantly - taking over the Hammers or not!). In which case I'd definitely say beat Utd, lose to the pool: we've scalped the Scouse enough times already this season (is it twice we've beaten them already?), wheraas I can't remember the last time we beat Man U, and with it being our old boys club it'd be nice to give them something to remember us by.

        In fact, I'd happily accept a 3-0 defeat to Liverpool if we beat Man U 4-1, that'd be brilliant. Berb can score theirs, just because I wanna see if he'd celebrate or not. And Carrick can give us a penalty, lovely...

        (back to Earth now...)