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  • Jlock Jlock Mar 27, 2009 21:48 Flag

    Jenas - vote please

    ...I agree with the Ekotto comment - I think he has been outstanding the past few games (especially against Ronald McDonald) - BUT then you want competition in all slots - so, I'd like to see Bale come back on form - then you can switch depending on who you're playing. Bale's good at going forward, leaving Modric to roam against teams that don't pose a wing based threat - and Ekotto looks very solid now defensively.

    This is the point I was trying to make earlier - 'arry seemed at one point to say '...the squad is great - so many talented players...' then went through '...the squad isn't good enough to compete in three competitions...' - but I really think we have a squad that is looking good in depth - with one or two additions (IMHO keeper,centre back). I think maybe 'arry was right'ish given the inelligible players in some competitions - but I still think we could have pushed on in the UEFA with a bit more ambition - but if he achieves 7th, then I'll forgive him anyway!

    I just hope 'arry doesn't go for wholesale ins and outs in the summer.