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  • Old Fan Old Fan Mar 27, 2009 22:40 Flag

    Jenas - vote please

    Tarrabt's performance at QPR and Gio's performance at Ipswich are IMHO (had to get one in) testament to 'arry's management. They are both getting time that they would not get at Spurs, and getting a chance to show their stuff, get match fit, and play their way into being retained for next season and given a serious chance at playing for the club. The same could be said for the other youngsters that 'arry has out on loan. AEB is definitely earning his keep, and it's apparent that he (like many players) simply needed an extended run in the team to find his fit, regain some confidence, and provide his worth (another example of why getting the youngsters out playing regular 'ball on loan). Keep Bale - as others have pointed out he's only 19, does have the talent, and can only get better with good coaching (think back to all those who wanted to dump Lennon not so long ago!).
    I love the Hudd, but at times he does look lazy, and he's not the quickest. No doubting his ability, no doubting his skill and vision, but (and again, this isn't original, I've read this on the board before) for a man of his size, he should be putting himself out and about in the midfield and dominating. I'd give him one more season with the directive to demonstrate a little more dominance.
    Then there's Jenas - my preference would be to sit on the fence - but the thread started with a request not to do that, so... I'd keep him .... for now. He does do a lot off the ball, when he shows up in the game, he does have an impact, he does have a great engine, I do believe he is a club man. As with Hudd, I'd tell him that he has to show consistency or he'll be shopped next January.
    Last but not least - I think I'd have to get rid of Bently - I realize that he has talent, I'm sure that he will find a place where he shines and we might regret getting rid of him - but apart from one stunning goal, has hasn't done ess, aitch, eye, tea (thanks Roger) since joining the club.
    And just for completeness - I'd keep O'Hara - no doubt in my mind!
    The problem with all of this, is that if all of the players are kept how the hell do you keep:
    Lennon, Modric, Palacios, Jenas, O'hara, Tarrabt, Dos Santos, Hudd...
    ...all happy and getting some playing time - no one likes sitting on the bench, everyone plays better when they get an extended run in the team .... that is 'arry's problem.