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  • Sfer Sfer Mar 27, 2009 23:00 Flag

    Jenas - vote please

    Thank God we are getting back on friendlier ground! Can't disagree with much there Old Fan except I am very definately a "Jenas out" man. Apart from that you are making very fair points mate.

    How great is it that we are talking the way we are when it could of course, only a few weks ago, have been so very different. I wanted Ramos out ASAP and I was very glad it was "Arry that came in (even though I wasn't expecting it as it came out of left field) so I am just glad it has worked out for the best otherwise I would probably not be posting on here anymore through embarrassment!

    nbr - I would be happy to sell pasties mate if it got me nearer the pitch!!