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  • dave dave Mar 24, 2009 22:05 Flag

    Jenas - vote please

    if you've read any of my posts, both pre and during the beginning of this season i can't for the life of me understand what these coaches see in him, i for one would love to see the back of him, on his day he can be a fantastic footballer, but for me he is far too inconsistent.

    i have read what nbr had to say in the pav thread, and i must admit, having said what i have, that he does do a lot of off the ball work, taking defenders with him etc, and he is very adept at that, but for me, he is frustrating to watch, as is thudd.

    imo both of these players will be on their respective ways in the summer, who we get in is another matter, ;-)

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    • i havent read whats on the pav thread by nbr but my vote is flog him asap.

      yes his work rate is good and he has his moments where u cant believe what hes done ie 3rd goal at the arse. but they are very rare moments and to get us to the place where we think we belong (top4) then some one else has to come in.

    • That will be 2-2 so far then. Not counting me of course. What is interesting tho are the reasons why. The "go's" are generally because they don't think he is good enough to help Spurs be a better team than they are already whilst the "stays" are generally because he is good off the ball.

      Being good off the ball is of course a very important part of being a very good player but for me being good with the ball is even more important.