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  • My friends (arsenal fans) have been argueing with me who is better. Lennon or Walcott. Personally I am a Tottenham fan but even if i didn't care about either side I would say that Lennon is twice as good and is one of the best right midfielders in the world.

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    • Hmm... all bias aside (as much as possible...), I wonder if Walcott's in the same position as Lennon was when he was at that point in his career. Lennon's been playing in the PL for almost 4 years now, 3 of them regularly, whereas I think Walcott's been with Arsenal for 2 years, only starting to get a game this season.

      Lennon was regularly getting pushed off the ball until this season, but now he's learnt to take the hit (and Modric takes some of the fouls he used to). With Lennon, we thought there was something special there, thought we were wrong, & now he's come through it, whereas Walcott's had the first two steps of that and (from my perspective, bearing in mind that I don't watch the gooners all that often) occasional flashes of playing top-standard well, so it's still open for debate about whether or not he's as good as the hype.

      So it depends what you mean: who's better now, or who might be best? Because if it's right here right now, it's Lennon. I understand that there's potential for Walcott to join him, but to be honest I've never seen anything that special about him; he just seemed to be an unfortunate victim of hype. I know he had a few great games, but I don't think he's had any more than the likes of Zokora's had over the same spell of time, it's just that it's more prolific in a more attacking position.

      So I side on the Len, and having thought about why I might be torn to expain it here, I think I side with the Len (or Azza as I saw him called on the Spurs homepage - how rubbish is that?!?) no matter whether or was who's naturally better or who's better right now.

      I'd be interested to hear some sensible Goon views on it, but only the non-biased, and we don't get any of them here these days.

    • Good day fellow yidsters,

      I don't think there isn't any Spurs fan ( biased or not ) who would not vote Lennon above Walnut in terms of ability.

      It still makes me laugh to this day when Walnut was taken to the World Cup finals ahead of Jermain Defoe and he did not even get a game ( what was Eriksson thinking? ).

      As for the Goons being the best fans in London? don't make me laugh!! - they don't call the Emirates the "New Library" for nothing.

      All the times I've been there and on the odd occasion to their sh*tty old ground at Highbury, there has only been one team's supporters that generate any kind of atmosphere when we play against them - that of course is us.

    • Wasn't Walcott supposed to be a striker when he started out at Soton? We all know he could never be that in the Prem so he got moved to a kind of wing position (he cuts in nearly all the time)...All this to say I agree with Roger...Walcott is a cnut and a really big hairy loose cnut when comparede to our treasure Lennon.

      Lennon's final ball is improving (he's going away from putting the ball over to cutting it back to a trailing player (goals from Modric and Pavy have come from this change of approach).

      Lennon's able to brush of knocks a lot better than that goon fcuk (you knock Lennon over and he's comiong right back at ya the next time up the pitch...not so with the other lad, he's looking for an escape hatch once the defender's sent him a message (usually "You shall not pass"). Lennon's come back stronger from too serious knee surgeries...Walcott is still trying to find his feet after a shoulder injury!!!

      Goals? I'd have to look that up for this season.

      Lennon every time, any day!

    • Lennon V Walnut!!! No debate necessary. Even if Lennon had no legs, as a loyal Spurs fan, I would still say he is better than any gooner. Or in Rogers parlance "any £$%£$% gooner"

    • In my honest completely unbaised, valid opinion and i am completely fucking right on this is that ALL Arsenal players are shit.

      Little Theo is quicker than a march hare but Lennon is already into April when it comes to speed. Also Lennon isnt always out fucking injured. So for me, the conclusion is that Theo is a cunt. Do you see my logic!!

    • it seems to me that lennon had great talent but it wasn't harnessed properly.....walcott had better teachers....lennon had all the attributes.....pace control skill....but the final crosses weren't good enough....but now they seem to have sorted that out and i think he is now a better all round player
      .....also the injury seems to have affected walcott in his all round play

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      • if ur looking for goals then walcott is possibly the better, but for a all round star man then lennon it is for me. he runs like lightning and skins players , he can score ok his final ball sometimes lets him down. but the one thing i have been impressed with is his defending and postion play,. hes all ways there to clear the ball or to b passed to for the counter.

        i would love to see lennon play 60+mins in the next england game.

    • it depends how you look at it.i may be a yid but you have to say arsenal have quality in their team and walcott has managed to shine this and last season although he has been injured and lennon has been putting in dazling perfomances down the wing fo us and has turned in to a player that defenders have nightmares about..all in all i think their putting in equal peformances for their team but as a spurs fan i have to say i prefer lennn over walcott every day