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  • Roger Mellie Roger Mellie Apr 1, 2009 15:47 Flag

    The Emperor's New Clothes

    Not being funny john but we could of stuck two legs of chicken high up the park and they would of scored the same if not more. There's been enough balls in the box for fucks sake. Darren has two left feet and both can't shoot and Paul parkers a cunt

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    • Rog,
      OK - if that's 'a fact' then where have our goals come from? RK - no. Pav - no. JD - maybe.
      So all our strikers are 'c**p' - is that then true?

      Bent 10 in 17 and 4 in 5 in the UEFA..

      Look at : http://www.spursodyssey.com/0809/apps.html

      ...and where does that then place Heskey - would you have Heskey in your team? And even more surprisingly what about old Berbatov (ok - so that has nothing to do with the Parker article)? Is he now a non-entity as well?

      I say it again - Bent will never set a club alight - but he will get 15 goals a season for you (given that he's played - and not just as a sub).

      I'm not a fan of Bent - but I find it annoying when people ignore what's in plain view and believe whatever 'hype' is flying around at the time.