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  • Jlock Jlock Apr 1, 2009 16:09 Flag

    The Emperor's New Clothes

    OK - if that's 'a fact' then where have our goals come from? RK - no. Pav - no. JD - maybe.
    So all our strikers are 'c**p' - is that then true?

    Bent 10 in 17 and 4 in 5 in the UEFA..

    Look at : http://www.spursodyssey.com/0809/apps.html

    ...and where does that then place Heskey - would you have Heskey in your team? And even more surprisingly what about old Berbatov (ok - so that has nothing to do with the Parker article)? Is he now a non-entity as well?

    I say it again - Bent will never set a club alight - but he will get 15 goals a season for you (given that he's played - and not just as a sub).

    I'm not a fan of Bent - but I find it annoying when people ignore what's in plain view and believe whatever 'hype' is flying around at the time.

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    • John, my facts are these:

      Bent is up there on his own. And he's never had a better opportunity to impress. He fucked it. Thats it. He's had more balls into the box than a filthy piece of trash

      Two years ive given him. Like Clint Eastwood would say "Get off my lawn"