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  • Sfer Sfer Apr 1, 2009 16:24 Flag

    The Emperor's New Clothes

    I have to say John I agree with B2S. This is not about how many goals Bent has scored as we all obviously can count so it must be about something else mustn't it?

    A lot of fans think his all round play is not up to the standard needed to make THFC a better side. I have said on here before that I quite like the bloke, not flashy or loud mouthed just takes the critism and gets on with it when he is put on the park, and I would love him to prove me wrong BUT there are too many things wrong with his game (ball control, holding the ball up, linking in with others etc) to make him a great.

    Yes I agree he will probably get 15 goals for whoever he plays for but someone else in that position might get 20 AND help other strikers to get a few as well which Bent doesn't. The other thing that does not help him is the £16.5 million quid he cost. Everybody has a right to expect much better for that sort of money. Again, not his fault but......

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    • Sfer,
      None of that is his fault.

      If I want a car - I go to a garage and I buy one. If I find out later, that the car I've just spent £40k on doesn't 'do' off road or have parking sensors or... then that is my fault as the buyer as I should have checked that before I bought - not the garage's (unles I specifically asked if the car could do/had those things and like most garages they said '...oh yes sir, and it will also make a nice cuppa...') or the car's. If I then could have bought a car that did do everything I needed for half the price, then that is also my fault.

      Bent is a striker. Strikers score goals - but they do it in individual ways. Bent hangs on the last man and uses pace (and his height). Keane uses guile and work rate. Daffy just hangs around and hopes. Berbatove uses flashes of genius and great heding ability. You can't blame Bent for not being something that he never pretended to be.

      As for Pav. Now he is unproven. I personnaly think he'll work out fine. Bu that is still hypothetical. No track record in the EPL to base judgement on.

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      • Hey John...I said I quite liked him and also that it was not all his fault so give me some slack.

        Not sure about the new car analogy tho. You buy a car and if you don't ask what it can and can't do then it's your own fault. Who ever sanctioned the Bent purchase didn't ask enough questions obviously.

        You obviously like him and thats great but a lot of others obviously don't. Personally, as I said, I would love to see him come good but I don't think that is going to happen AND I think his lack of other skills (which you have not mentioned) means we could and should be able to get better.