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  • Sfer Sfer Apr 1, 2009 19:15 Flag

    The Emperor's New Clothes

    Hey John...I said I quite liked him and also that it was not all his fault so give me some slack.

    Not sure about the new car analogy tho. You buy a car and if you don't ask what it can and can't do then it's your own fault. Who ever sanctioned the Bent purchase didn't ask enough questions obviously.

    You obviously like him and thats great but a lot of others obviously don't. Personally, as I said, I would love to see him come good but I don't think that is going to happen AND I think his lack of other skills (which you have not mentioned) means we could and should be able to get better.

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    • Hello all.

      My problem with him is a step back from that - I don't necessarily think that Bent the striker's bad, I think Bent the footballer is.

      To use a different analogy to your car: I work in events and I might be fantastic on the day - efficient, friendly and professional; great, but if I can't book venues or create my presentations or do any of the other 'backstage' stuff that goes with it then I'm not good at my job. There are two ways to deal with this: if I'm really outstanding at the "on the day" stuff, create me a role that's just doing that. If I'm not, I'm not up to my job and I should go.

      Bent might be doing ok goal-wise, but he's not outstanding, and he's not doing the 'backstage' stuff either, which is why I don't think he's up to it.

      I don't think he's terrible, but he's not a great, and that's why I give him grief when he messes up. I do concede he's had it a bit hard this season in particular, and I do bear that in mind (I don't dislike him as much as I could/have), but he's not done anything to shut us up either, which is why I give him stick.

      To be honest though, he's not moved me enough recently either way to care all that much.

      All this is naturally IMHO ;)

    • Sfer,
      No, you've got me wrong (and I wasn't having a go - I don't take it that seriously!) - I don't like his style of play very much at all - but then I don't like Daffy's either - but that is no reason to slam the bloke (or for me to slam Daffy's ability - Daffy scores ). The article implied that he was unproven at EPL level - but he has proven that he can score at EPL level. He scored for Charlton, he's scored for us. He has done, for 4 seasons +. Not once in the article did it question the choice of Heskey. Now if someone has singularly failed to score at most levels, it's him.

      The comment made was.....
      .....Even so, the fact that Bent was considered in the first place speaks volumes about the dearth of striking options England have available.

      Considering Bent has so far failed to convince he is even capable of doing a job at Premier League level, how can he be expected to lead the line for his country in a vital World Cup qualifier?......

      What I dislike is when a couple of disparaging remarks sway the populace - you see it all the time. Robbo was crucified for a ball bobbling and after that everything he did was rubbished.

      I also think the car analogy is fair - as you seem to agree with me when you say:
      ......You buy a car and if you don't ask what it can and can't do then it's your own fault. Who ever sanctioned the Bent purchase didn't ask enough questions obviously. .........

      That's my point - it isn't Bent's fault. Bent was visible to whoever bought him - they could see how he played and what he good/bad at. They could kick his boots. They still bought him - even when Charlton stuck the ludicrous price on him. The problem is (was) the buying at Spurs. He should never have been bought.

      I totally agree that we deserve better - but that is a different subject. I'd like a striker with the work rate of RK and the touch/heading ability of Berbatov...but until we get him, Bent is one of the 4...