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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Apr 1, 2009 21:57 Flag

    The Emperor's New Clothes

    Oh 'ere we go again!

    I totally here what Mr. Locke is saying...but what do I know. Roger's the expert. Bent's our top scorer (you'll note the top scoring list this season is nothing liike last season at this time...much lower totals).

    To be honest Bent frustrates the hell out of me. And yes, he does miss some screaming sitters (but then so do most strikers...I've seen some in recent weeks that sit right up there with Bent's missed header [ the one that if it was on target would've possibly been saved...imho]. Let's face it scoring isn't easy, if strikers took 75% of their chances we'd have ridiculous looking scorelines.

    Spurs fans feel fleeced. Maybe if Bent came in at 4 or 5 mil he wouldn't be so much of a target, but we bought him when he was the top ENGLISH striker in the league two season running (but one season after a major knee surgery). Charlton hiked up the value; there was competiton for his signature, so they hiked it up some more and we bit and took the bait. Like John L said, none of this was his fault and if I recall Bent at the time, he was pissed off with Curbishley for the over valuation and felt that he was being held against his will (by Charlton pricing him out of the market). Anyway, that's neither here nor there; what's done is done.

    Bent unproven in the league, Paul Parker's having a laugh. Bent aas a world class striker...deifinitely not! Whiel the two statements are related its more in the: we have shitty English strikers therefore English strikers are not world class. (This must be true as Lampard and Gerrard routinely find themselves atop the goal scoring charts(and last seasons top scorere was not a striker and not English)...and they're mid-fielders. Rooney's about as close as England gets to a world class striker, and he spends half his time in treatment or suspended

    Bent will probably move on in the summer.