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  • John John Apr 6, 2009 04:49 Flag

    Players we love to hate!

    Eboue's love affair will be short lived, unless he turns up his game a few notches. Gallas has found a few friends again though. Fair play to him for sticking at it.

    Players I love to hate:-

    10. Savage (Who doesn't have this guy in their list)
    9. Joey Barton (Thug shouldn't be allowed to play football)
    8. Cristiano Ronaldo (Diving, Cheating Pussy)
    7. David Bentley (Shit on us, and will shit on you when he leaves this summer)
    6. Ashley Cole (Money grabbing cunt)
    5. Martin Taylor (Cunt for not apologising to Eduardo)
    4. El Hadj Diouf (Twat)
    3. Gerrard (Diver)
    2. Phil Brown (Sam Allardyces love child. Cunt, Liar and bad loser)
    1. Ruud Van Nistelrooy (Ugly cunt who just happened to be a good footballer)

    Sorry to dissapoint, but could only find one Spurs player I don't like, and even he's an Ex-Arsenal player....soon to be an Ex Spurs player if you believe the rumourmill.