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  • McMullan McMullan Apr 7, 2009 19:12 Flag

    Can Hammers get the 3 this weekend?

    I can't really see where West Ham can find goals! I'll be more than happy with a draw.

    Lasagne anyone?

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    • Soppy - I'm like Essex on this one. Let's face it, your lot might not be scoring an awful lot, but you're winning games and maintaining your place in the league. We on the other hand go in spurts. (I think we're known in some quarters as the Spurts) I'm hoping the international break didn't stop one of our go spurts. In any case, we'll be facing a much tougher bunch of Irons than in the past, so it could definitely go either way...this is not including things like sendings off of your key player(s) or injuries to same.

      I think there'll be a winner on the day (no draw) and there will be goals...so buckle up for an entertaining game.

    • Don't be soppy Soppy. As much as I admire the Hammers I can't see anything but a Yid win here. Sorry to drip all over your parade Soppy but you did ask.

    • If youd asked me last Friday I might have been a bit more cocky but as it stand Soppy......I'll see your lasagne and raise you a couple of donuts (Bent and Gomes)
      I reckon you will leave the Lane the happier bunch somehow!

    • Afternoon Sop.

      I believe I said at GCHQ that we've got a great record against you (I think I'm right in saying if you discount lansagnegate you've not beaten us in the league since 2003), and pre-international break we were hitting probably our best form of the season & getting players back from injury, whereas you... well... aren't. And you'll be on our turf now, and you're right, you're hardly banging them in from all angles at the moment.

      That said, if there's any team in England who can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, it's us.

      Should be entertaining if nothing else, but I reckon we'll do you (that should have put the kiss of death on it...).