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  • Kentish Maid Kentish Maid Apr 12, 2009 04:37 Flag

    hud,jenas+bale for sale?but whats their worth?

    Definitely don't sell the Hudd - he was pretty good today considering he hasn't started a match for a while - and yes, I know he only got his chance because Palacios was suspended. His passing is sometimes a bit wayward but has a lot of vision and some of his cross field efforts were spot on.

    As for Jenas, I don't know why 'Arry persists with him. Get rid and soon.

    Bent's got to go - he missed another sitter today in the first half. I do feel sorry for him though - I don't think he's a bad player in general, he's just not doing the business for us. It's probably lack of confidence as he was on fire in the pre-season - he just hasn't been able to continue in that vein, though to be fair the whole team were sh1te at the beginning of the season.

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    • i can see a lot of teams from 5th-mid table being intrested in some of are players who will prob be up for sale.
      i fancy VILLA to bid about 12mil for jenas & bent.
      suprisingly i bet a lot of teams will look to take jenas off are hands, teams like everton & villa.
      i dont think bent missed a sitter, i felt he did well to get to it as it wasnt an easy header & he only missed by less than a yard.
      also lennon & keane had easier chacnes which they missed.
      lennon messed up the 1 on 1 & then it fell to keane who hit it straight at the man on the line.