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  • JOHN R JOHN R Apr 13, 2009 14:24 Flag

    hud,jenas+bale for sale?but whats their worth?

    Its definately time to get shot of Huddlestone and Bale, 5mill each would be good.
    Jenas should be kept but only if he is commited, if he wants to go and his heart is no longer in it then let him go but not for less than 7m.
    We need to reduce the size of the squad coz as usual Harry signs loads of players with only a couple being a success.
    One of the strikers will have to go as we dont need 5 on the paylist especially as we only play one away from home

    • Like all teams in top-flight football, Spurs need to keep players that can be called upon in times of crisis - for example suspensions, injuries or international call-ups ( even though the last one is highly unlikely as we never play an EPL game as the same time as an International fixture ) THudd is just the kind of player that we can call in these such situations.

      Bale? ......well... I'm not too sure about him. There is no doubting he is a talented player but not quite the same as when we signed him from Southampton, so my verdict is out on him staying.

      JJ? ... Again like THudd, JJ can be useful as a backup or utility player so keep him.

      Bent? Keep him if he wants to stay, but once Defoe recovers from injury, he may think his playing days are numbered at WHL!