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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Apr 13, 2009 21:43 Flag

    hud,jenas+bale for sale?but whats their worth?

    Makes sense to me. (Keep for squad then let go those who are not happy with their new role).

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    • Harry clearly likes JJ because he starts every game and we've got a fair bit of competition in midfield, so I think that's academic.

      Hudd - I wondered about sending him on loan to somewhere like Fulham? They've been improving over the last couple of years, and I really like Hudd, I think he'll be cracking for us one day, but he can't expect to oust Palacios on current form; if he wants first team action he's gotta go, but I'd like to see him here long term. I don't understand money around loans so I'll not comment on that.

      Bale - I want him to stay, and even if there was thought of him leaving we'd not make as much as we should be him at the moment because of the way he's fallen out of favour (and his 'curse'). I'd say an absolute min of £6mil, but even then I'd be reluctant to let him go before a couple of years have passed and we've got a better picture of him. At least keep him until he stops growing!