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  • i was planning to take my little brother to see spurs v wba & man city.
    but stupidly i didnt buy them straight away because i was waiting for monthly wages but more significantly i thought i had longer to buy them because the earlier games of west ham & newcastle will still on sale. but then i checked a few days later & the man city & wba matches were sold out but the hammers & newcastle games were still for sale despite them being earlier matches.
    now all 4 are sold out.

    im taking my little brother & his friend so il need 3 tickets, would it be way too risky buying from a tout on the day? or am i best off buying from an internet ticket site. the cheapest iv found is £90 per ticket for the wba game.
    i may have to forget about the man city game & just go to wba.

    iv taken my brother to home matches against wigan,hull, fulham & everton, all games i thought we would win barring everton.
    but not only did we not win but my brother has still yet to see spurs score despite going to 4 games. which is why i badly want wba tickets, surely we wil win & score against them

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