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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Apr 14, 2009 22:52 Flag

    Player of the year

    I think Alan's sentiment is that he always knew he was a good player, he just never knew he could make it through (almost) an entire season (relatively) unharmed... have I just jinxed it?

    I'm not convinced; I don't think he's been that consistent - I'd say good but not great. I'd be more inclined to give it to King than Woody, he's not played enough but he fact that he can come in without training and has adapted to his injury so well (i.e. learning by watching instead of doing) surely shows his versatility as a player. And he's the only player I can think of who's not really played badly at any point, just sometimes he's been better than others (and sometimes he's not been on the pitch...).

    I'm really not sure who I think should get it, it depends on the criteria you're using really... more than King, I'd give a shout for:

    *Corluka (and the fact that we've all mentioned him indicates who it might be)
    *Modric (picked up the English game quite fast and has really been the difference in many a game this season, the general level of the team hasn't seemed to affect how he's played too much)
    *Zokora (he might not be the most gifted player, but has been consistent to the best he can be, motivated, and - as far as we can know - hasn't complained once about being played out of position or being overused early in the season & not at all now).

    Lennon gets honourable mention for the second half/two thirds of the season, and the expectation of winning it next year (no pressure...).

    I think I'd actually go for Zokora based on which player's given the greatest contribution to the team, but really it's more likely to be who's been consistently best this season, which'd probably be one of the other two.

    It's the first time for a long time no-one's really stood out for me though.

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    • Surprised you have gone for Zakora nbr. I quite like him but there are plenty on here that don't rate him one little bit.

      I think he does a good job of tracking back and making tackles which every good team needs but his passing and general distribution is not good enough for any type of award IMO.

      Says something when most comments are for a defender to get the award although Lennon and Modric have got a mention in despatches. I would go for King on the basis that we always play better with him in the side and because this might be his last full season.

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      • I thought you'd be surprised - I like to keep you all guessing!

        Like I say, it's not for ability as such, but the mental attitude, it's the old 'if everyone put as much into is as Zokora does' thing. He's the only player who's seemed fully focussed and consistent to me, but as I say he's not the most gifted which is what the award would lean more towards.

        While Zok'd be my choice on that criteria, I think I'll go for Corluka on this; mainly for playing well when the rest of the team wasn't and for staying brave in the face of abuse from the goalie!

    • Nbr's read me right,Yid. Woodgate's fought and beaten the physical demons this season, a terrific feat for him and the Spurs backroom staff.
      We all know how good he is, he'd still be at Madrid barring bad luck, but player of the season---you guys know more than me on that one.

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      • Luca Modric. Ever so closely followed by Lennon!

        Even though Gomes has recently laid several ghosts to rest and he has shown some inspired form in recent times ( just hope he doesn't revert to his old ways ).

        No one individual has really stood out though, but with HR in charge we should start to see the best of the team next season.

        Just hope that Levy gives us tons of moo-lar to spend in the transfer market to bring in one or two players...