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    High's & Low's of Season 2008/09!

    Ok following on from Weyspurs player of the year what are the seasons high's and low's?

    For me I can narrow the high points to 3..

    1. The 4-4 draw against the Goons at the Emirates ( after being 4-2 down ).
    2. Beating the Happy Hammers at Upton Park.
    3. Carling Cup final ( the day out - not the result ).

    Low points..

    1. 2 points after 8 games.
    2. Shaktar Donetsk.
    3. Carling Cup final ( the result - not the day out ).


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    • Highs got to be gooners game, staying up. and arry coming to the lane.
      Lows All the games weve lost in the last few minutes

    • lows - losing to sunderland , west brom , stoke,boro and all the other teams we should beat .
      - seeing gus poyet go. i liked him i know ramos was shite , and gus took a lot of shit for him but i liked gus ,
      - bents sitter against pompey.

      highs- arry turning things round.
      - getting to the carling final.
      - not losing to the top 4 in the league so far, 6 games down to left and won 2 drawn 4. better then i can ever remember us doing against this lot.
      - seeing lennon in a england shirt.
      - having a some one who is hard in the midfield. palacious is just what we have been needing for a while.

      theres prob more but thats just off the top of my head.

    • Low: The away defeat at Stoke was pretty poor....

      High: The way we're going to play against Newcastle and Utd to secure 6 points from the next two games.....

      Highest: Qualifying for Europe after an abysmal start .....

      ....bl**dy ellipses...