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    the king of white hart lane

    i recall wolfie saying that this will be kings last full season at spurs so i was wondering.....where do we use him PL,CL,FA or EUROPA LEAGUE(if we make it)

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      • Thats a tough one to call. If you look at what happened with Paul McGrath (and I think it's a pretty good comparison) then he should be used as and whenever he is fit (which will of course presumably be less and less as his injury gets worse or takes longer to recover).

        However, you then have to consider how that will make the other players feel who have been left out to accommodate him. I know at the moment there does not seem to be any resentment when this happens but how long is that going to be the case? When it does creep in, and it will eventually, how will that affect the moral of the team?

        In the end of course McGrath had to go and as far as I know he never went anywhere else.

        The other option is of course to keep him for the "big" games but again how would you feel if you had just played 4 or 5 games really well only to be left out for a FA Cup semi final just so King can come in and get all the glory?

        As I said - it's a tough one.

    • Did I really say it was Ledders last season as a player?

      Personally I can't remember saying it or anything like it , but if yid of the yids said I did then it must be true.

      Anyway if this is to be his last season then we have to give him a coaching role when he does finally hang up his boots - it has been said that his appearences in the dressing room even when he is not playing give a morale boost to the players.

      I would like to see him have at least another season or two before the decision is forced upon him to retire from the game!

    • Is he still club captain?
      If so he would, presumably, be in the dressing room for each game.
      IMHO I think he should be on the bench in case of injuries or someone having "a mare". He would still be an influence and I'm sure there are ways of warming up if he needs too.
      Why not take a static bike to the dugout? He could limber up on that before the obligatory stretching exercises and running up and down the side line.

    • Thats ok yids.

      I have reviewed my previous threads and I believe that I may have suggested that he will not be featuring for England again but would play an integral part in our domestic campaign next season albeit in a reduced capacity ( ie: not playing in every game - very much like this season ).

      Anyway if this is to be his last season, then his presence in the dressing room will still be needed to inspire the rest of the squad as we try to get ourselves back into a position to challange for the major honours!

    • sorry wolfie you said it was his last FULL season so i take that as saying that hes gonna be on the sidelines a lot next season recovering

    • am sure it was you wolfie i just cant remember what thread it was