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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Apr 15, 2009 22:28 Flag

    He's back...

    Defoe's back in training, and thought to be back in contention by MU in just over a week. Will be interesting to see how/when he's used... I'm sure you'll all have seen the article too, but the quote below amused me so much I had to share:

    "It's a big boost for us," said Spurs boss Harry Redknapp. "He was talking to the lads earlier and told them he couldn't sleep the night before because he was so excited about returning to training.

    "He was up very early, just like a kid at his first day at school. He's full of enthusiasm and he trained superbly, he looked really sharp, scored some fantastic goals.

    Aaah bless, he's like a kid at Christmas! Hopefully he'll have a few good games in him before the season's out...

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    • i agree-u look at some of attackin players- defoe,keane,lennon, modric all small and lightweight. the only bigger attackin players ahead of the defence are huddlestone whos hardly the most mobile, bent whos average & pavys whos not the strongest.
      i think we have to play 1 of pavy and bent, and then its the old debate keane or defoe

    • Don't forget we also have to beat the officials up at Old Traford!!!!
      Remember the goal that wasn't given. That would have given us a 1-0 win.
      Still can't work out how Harry's going to fit Defoe into the team.

      Will he rotate with the captain? I don't think so.

      Will he play 4-3-3? Perhaps at home.

      Will he play without a tall man up front? He'll have to get the team to stop hacking the ball upfield in hope if they do.
      Anyone any suggestions?

    • i hate to be negative but i cant see us getting anything from old trafford. 5years since we beat them is a long time.
      even when we play well against them we still dont win.
      we arent clinical or strong enough. the cup final highlighted it.
      i was saying we had to beat them in normal time or else they will win pens comftable.
      i predicted 3-0 to man u in wolfies predictations thread,so im going to stick to that.

    • if he is fit for the MU game who do u think he is gonna play.IMOH i think 'arry is going to play a 4-3-3 formation _-_pav the top line keane the left underscore and defoe on the right or
      pav up front with defoe and keane just behind 'em.

    • Good news!