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  • il have to disagree with u all. id much rather chelsea win, i cant stand arsenals attitude,cheating,diving,play acting, liein, pityness & childish behaviour.
    eboue play acts as much as drogba & they have plenty more divers. then theres fabragrass who throws pizzas & spits at people. wenger who acts like a kid & blames everyone else but his own players. gallas who sulks & i could go on forever.
    il be cheerin on chelsea come saturday night.

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    • Crazy!! Absolutely crazy!!

      I cannot bring myself to support either of them. Much less want them to win - I hate both of them with a passion.

      Instead, I'll be taking Mrs Wolfie out to a pub where I know that the game will not be shown - if it is then I will just sit down at the pub-table with my eyes closed and my fingers in my ears...