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  • Erm, Chelsea playing Arsenal this weekend: for as far as I can remember i have hated the scum, yet I find myself wanting a gooner win this weekend, because I have grown to hate Chelsea and all they stand for more, which obviously is a departure from normal North London rules. Yet when they give flags out to all their bandwagon jumping fans to attempt to replicate an atmosphere like the natural one Anfield, really starts to aggrieve me and frankly the demise of the a "real club" in west london, has given way to a bunch of badge kissing a**holes like Drogba or Cole.
    Makes me so proud to be a yid, even with our less than perfect club. (Barcelona v Man u C.L final)

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    • Can see exactly where you are coming from on this one Steve. As much as I hate the gooners I really hate those cheating money grabbing to$$ers in blue.

      Did you see Drogba pretend to be fouled/injured but didn't realise he had rolled off the pitch and so he crawled back on just so the ref would have to stop the game!! Pathetic - back up and running like a spring chicken 2 mins later. Until refs start to book players like that it will continue and make a mockery of the game we all love.

      So on that basis, despite my gut telling me I can't do this, I would not be upset if the Gooners paste those ruski w4nkers.

    • TOTALLY fucking right Steve. I TOO saw those poxy flags. I felt like being sick all over that fat grass smoking fat bloke Hiddink and all the rest of his money laundering mates at Chelsea. I even felt sorry for the spanish waiter type Rafa. I felt all scouse like when that game was going on on Tuesday, i almost nicked a hub cap coming back from the pub.
      Anyway, i wish for a fucking draw as both teams are full to the brim with whingers, toe-rags, big girls blouses, villians and greasy french.