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    can 'arry keep his strikers 'appy?

    pav is unhappy,defoe is back,keane iss a permanent fixture(apart from injury)....hopefully bent is off....but he is looking at other strikers in the transfer win......can he keep them all content
    .....why does he choose bent over pav....
    confusing.....opinions please

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    • Derek - "why does he choose bent over pav?" was in your original thread and you have only got to look at what happened on Saturday to find the answer.

      Firstly Bent has a better scoring record, secondly Pav does not work as hard for the team as Bent and lastly Pav showed a lack of respect for Arry and the team by sulking cos he got substituted. I agree Pav is a better player technically but Arry has always preferred players that give 110% over prima donnas. Also explains why it looks like Bentley is on his way as well doesn't it!!

    • I think Pav deserves another season - let's not forget that he has now played 3 full seasons in a row without any real break. Let's see how he plays after a rest, pre-season, and then the real thing when he's rested.
      I did see on another post that someone was touting his goal scoring performance in the Russian League - not sure there's any real comparison between the EPL and the Russian League - top league in the world vs what ...7th or perhaps 10th league in the world? That being said, I do think he has the potential to turn into a valuable player, and I'm not going to judge him until the middle of next season.

    • well campell is gone at the end of the season...that leaves bent keane defoe and pav.lets hope he ofloads bent that leaves 3.we have dos santos out on loan for back up.so..harry should rotate pav and defoe around keano depending on games so 1 pl game fo pav then a cup game for defoe etc......

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      • Don't forget we could (should?) have Tomas Pekhart back from loan to Southampton plus if John Bostock has done well in the Academy/Reserves then he deserves his chance. With Gio out getting more experience in the Championship there's hope for us yet on the strike front without having to buy anyone in.

        Defoe won't be happy to be rotated having been brought back by 'Arry as a key striker, and there's no doubt that without Keane's return he'd have been guaranteed a start barring injury.

        I'd like to see Defoe and Pavy play up front with Keane playing a forward midfield role tucked in behind them backed by a strong midfield - Lennon, Modric and Palacios - with an equally strong back 4 - Corluka or Hutton (if he's back to full fitness), Woodgate, King or Dawson and Assou-Ekotto, who to my mind has grown into the LB role over the past few months.

    • I read the lead post of the thread...the last sentence almost brought up the Bent v Pav question...this after saying earlier in the post that Bent is probably on his way out...the following posts all centered on the Bent v Pav question and no one, but no one even came close to the initial reason/question of the thread.

      My answer is no! Reason...if we assume that all the players at all positions feel that they should start then someone's going to be disappointed come team selection day. So at that level, no, 'arry can't keep them happy (but he may well be happy to know that his players have fire in their bellies and will train their arses off to get a shot in the starting line-up (or come of the bench and make their mark that way).

      Now Mr. Redknapp is reknowned for his man-management skills, so he shouldn't have too much of a problem keeping those that are, let's say disappointed rather than "not happy", satisfied that they have a part to play in the team, and that they will get their chance.

      As for Bent Pav? Well, so long as Pav isn't unsettled (read tapped up) by one of the hotshot clubs then he'll be around next season. I agree that Bent is the odd man out and will be on his way out. Why does 'arry pick Bent over Pav - not sure...did hear reports at the outset of Pav's career in a Spurs shirt that whoever handled him needed to keep a close watch on him as he can be very lazy...given the premium managers place on a players training habits it might be down to Bent practices harder...probably not that simple, but I speculate that that could be part of it. Pav's proven to be a good scorer in cup matches, not so good in the league (5 vs 10 to Bent). Bent isn't a great player/striker,but he isn't as useless as some like to make out...the prevailing point is, he just doesn't fit the Spurs way...and that I can go along with (but you have to give him his due...for a player who doesn't fit, he still manages to get a few off his shins or the back of his head; enough to be listed among the top goal scorers in the league. That said, I see him in a Villa shirt next year.

      Defoe has definitely got a chip on his shoulder especially now that Keane's back (and yes, I totally beleieve he felt hoodwinked when Keane came back in and yes I do beleive he kicked the wall in anger (but I don't have any proof of this, so don't hold me to that belief). Defoe and Keane apparently are not a good pairing (well, that was according to Martin Jol in his day...hence always pairing one of them with a big target...Mido and then Berbatov...and now Pavy. One thing I think we cansay for sure is, barring injuries, we've probably seen the last of Frazier Campbell in a Spurs shirt.

      So can we put this one to the same bed that we put the Jenas discussion, I think we've worn the fcuk out of both of them, don't you?

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      • i think any discussion about bent is defo needing to b put to bed, buts as to keano and defoe thats a issue im still puzzled with. i rate both and would like to see them get a run together but cant se it happening.

        i agree the question was will the strikers be happy . no is the answer, but im happier have the dilema of choosing from 5 strikers for the remainder of the season. cos for a while we only had bent and campbell. so its a puzzler what will happen but one im slightly glad to have.

    • my mate told me weve done a deal with pompey for krancjar , not sure where he got it from , but him on the left modric in the middle and lennon on the right would be perfect supply for pava and keano .

    • just what he said, but to give you a quick statistic -
      Pavy has scored 69 goals out of 141 league games he played for Spartak Moscow, and 14 goals in 27 European games for them. With Russia, he scored 11 out 26. This is not a bad record at all by anyone's standard.

      Admittedly, we can only judge a player/team/whatever by their current form, and yes, the teams that he played against before coming to Spurs are probably weaker teams than those in Premiership. But one thing for sure is that he is an established striker who can perform at all levels, and on the big stage for Russia in Euro last year he showed very good movements and striker's instinct throughout the tournament too.

      He's had his ups & downs with us this season, and people are right to say that some of his performances have been below par. But I too have faith that Pavy will come good at Spurs, and he wants to fight for his place in the team and establish himself which can only be a good thing, and just overall, I like the attitude he's shown so far.

      Based on these reasons, I really Pavlyuchenko definitely has potential to become a 15+ goal per season player for us for many seasons to come. Once good partnership is established between Keane and Pavy, with Modric doing his magic just behind them I think we could have a formidable attacking force next season.

    • do u think he hurt his foot kicking arry for buying robbie lol.

      and i agree with u longtimespur about pavas potential. he looks like he will be a fantastic player and will suit the premier league. where as bent has been tried and tested and doesnt seem to come up trumps. yes hes scores a few goals but he doesnt look like a player who will get better and win games for spurs. i would never think of bringing bent on to win a game . i would think that of pava though. look at his goal at west ham, bent did nothing pav comes on and scores a belter. bent just obviously doesnt suit the spurs stlye of play or he isnt up to being at a club with promise and ambition.what ever it is for his own sake he needs to go , and i wish him well , as long as he goes soon lol.

    • Maybe it's because of his Russian performances!
      He leads the line well for them so, given time to adapt and recover from an arduos 2 season stint without a break, we hope he can do the same for us.
      It is obvious to me that Bent hasn't got the nous to do the job. That's my honest opinion anyway.

      The post about Defoe kicking himself when Robbie came back was a little inaccurate to my mind. I think it was a wall at the training ground he kicked not himself !!!!! Lol

    • i understand u laying into bent even thou u do go over the top.
      but why are u making out pavy has banged them in left right & centre & has been playing on fire.
      he has done ok this season, not amazing & he didnt come paticular cheap. didnt u notice how poor he was against utd in the carling cup final when it really matters?
      i personally think he has done ok & see how he gets on next season. but i dont think he has done enough to be a definite starter. also he has started plenty of games where we have lost, its easy to say every game we lost when bent started that we would have won it if pavy had started.
      also we have lost 5 games when pavy has started & not bent.
      agreed we should sell bent if we can get a decent price & get someone in better but i dont know why everyone so certain of pavy

    • the thing that puzzles me is ....we assume that young 'arry is astute and knows what he is doing....right@....then why does he prefer bent(who is well out of his league) over pav....who has played at the highest level and is good enough?confused ain't the word!

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