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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 20, 2009 00:52 Flag

    well we beat the geordies

    we beat newcastle we were taunting them passing very nicely brilliant link-up great technical play but......we need to learn to kill a game off

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      Nice to see some of the regulars off Bents back for once.
      YES,he he had two stabs at it,but at least he put the fcuker away and remains the top scorer at the LANE.
      One of the reasons i dont always contribute to the threads is that i dont particularly enjoying arguing with fellow yids and as some of you know i can't stand Robbie Keane,where as i am a big Defoe fan,who for me is an out an out striker whom i sure Robbie was brought back to clean his BOOTS!
      The day i see KEANE go round someone with the ball sill at his feet then i'll start singing his praises.
      Shame that Raffa Benittes realized he'd bought a pile of shit otherwise he'd still be in Liverpool loooking for a game.

      AND FINALLY,just to get it off my CHEST,
      I Get sick to the stomach every time I see him with the CAPTAINS Arm Band(WHAT THE FCUK HAS HE DONE TO DESERVE THAT) at last i can breathe again.
      Apart from that that i thoroghly enjoyed the win yesterday and am looking forward to Europe next season. COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Agreed...we wont get away with having most of the posession and only scoring once (and I bet the Bent naysayers will point out that he had two stabs to get the ball in...but, the other fault most (stupidly imho) have against him is that he scores meaning less goals...well this one wasn't...it was the winner!.

      Good three points all said and done and now we're only a point out of the Europa League position...who would have thought that before Christmas!