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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 20, 2009 15:42 Flag

    dos santos....we need him?

    evidently he is playing really well at ipswich and he turned the game against norwich.....made a goal,scored a penalty....the manager wants him next season....the fans love him and he has the ability to unlock defences.....get him back i say....
    we need a pseudo.ronaldo!....surely we can accomodate him....

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    • Hi Derek, I totally agree we need him.
      I was lucky enough to go to the Roma friendly before the season started and I thought he was excellent.
      Perhaps he doesn't train well and Harry hasn't seen his ability, although that seems hard to believe. Or maybe he wants him to toughen up a bit and get more experience of english football before he uses him. At least he hasn't sold him, he is still our player and I for 1 would love to see him playing for us on a regular basis.