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  • Jlock Jlock Apr 21, 2009 20:03 Flag

    Europa Cup - Pros n Cons?

    I'm not sure you can play that 'what if' game. There's no way of saying that we wouldn't have finished even higher in the league had we continued in Europe - you could always argue that a good run encourages more. Success breeds success ...a winning mentatlity and all that. And as NBR says, a higher profile name then attracts a different quality of player.

    But I'm not sure again what 'arry is saying here. If the EUEFA is a distraction next year, then why won't it be the year after? Unless he expects to jump a competition and is basically saying '...why bother with Europa next season, when we going for CL the year after....'. The problem to me with that attitude is that football is fickle - a couple of key injuries, a sudden loss of form in key players, new players coming in who don't perform - and that then stuffs your CL ambitions and leaves another season with that empty feeling.
    To me you go for what your squad can stand. IMHO we have a large squad - 30 players (I know that Liverpool allegedly have 65 - see http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2009/mar/29/uefa-liverpool-squad-sizes-premier-league) - to me that should be able to support 4 competitions (as you're basically saying 3 players for each position). If 'arry thinks that the squad isn't capable of that, then its those fringe players that need sorting out.
    I just get frustrated by the insane talk of we want to finish as high in the league as possible, but then don't want the benefits that that brings. Europe surely is the goal (or the EPL) - whether that's UEFA or CL.

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    • I am not syaing "what if" John I am saying "if"! As I said, I am all for Europe no matter what the competition is BUT I am also saying that if we are in a relegation dogfight AND a cup competition somewhere then we should prioritise properly. That for me means ditching the cup effort as we did this year.

      I appreciate success breeds success but failure breeds failure in an equal measure.

      Staying in the EPL is paramount (as I pointed out with the Leeds and S'Ton example) so my original comment still feels right to me. Yes we would all love to win everything but that is not realistic. If we ever get to the point where we have a reasonable chance of winning the EPL and the FA Cup and the CL then and only then can we talk about putting out our best side (or what might be considered by some to be our best side) for every game. i.e. safe in the PL.