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  • Jlock Jlock Apr 21, 2009 21:30 Flag

    Europa Cup - Pros n Cons?

    Sfer (Sfre,Sefr and any other mistyping (Chinese Beauty pageant contestant))
    But our squad size hasn't changed (taking loans into consideration) - so my problem is '...how can any manager say that 30 players isn't enough for 4 competitions...'. I totally agree that staying in the EPL is the prime concern, but don't you expect more after £n million spent in the past 4-5 years and a squad of 30?
    Weren't there comments on another thread re the strength (and cost) of our reserves compared to Arsenal? So if our reserves are that 'good' doesn't that imply we have some form of depth?

    My point is that I thought (and still think) that the squad IS already good enough to compete in 4 competitions. So that includes EPL, CC, FAC and EUFA. We should have been able to have progressed in the UEFA and the EPL. Surely we should be able to scrape two decent teams from 30? And if we can't - then there's the rub - we've wasted our money. But that could've been due to a club policy of '..buy young and cheap and sell on at a profit ...' rather than a footballing motive per se.

    Watch this space - as you'll see players that we cast out of our squad go straight into the first teams of other EPL teams next season and be successes. So it's not about the squad - 9/10's of the problem is down to who the manager likes and what style he prefers. - and then what the influence of club policy is. You've played - how many times have you seen players picked and bought that you could never in a month of Sundays understand? I also think 'arry had one eye on headlines as he wants to be given at least a chance at the England job and 'arry didn't then care about the squad per se, just his reputation - and staying up and achieving mid table + ..... Cynical or what?

    I'll also be interested in seeing what the effect of the transfer window is on the squad and what 'arry's thinking then was as to what areas were lacking - maybe then I'l understand why the squad wasn't good enough ;-).

    Back to the thread's subject. Pro's all the way. You play football to compete against the best - football is worldwide, so you need to be playing against foreign opposition (I'm not so sure that point is now as valid as it was 20 years ago since the influx of foreign players, managers and coaching staff) as often as possible. Irrespective of what the big boys say, the UEFA is still a competition to be proud of winning.

    What order of priorities would you give?
    To me the priorities fluctuate - ie if you're at the bottom of the EPL, staying up is no 1. If your in shouting distance of the top then winning the EPL is the priority. Then if you're mid table then a good cup run and possibly europe become no 1. And if you're already in the CC or EUFA then that to me comes 2nd behind the top priority - or else there was no point in achieving europe in the previous season.