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    Europa Cup - Pros n Cons?

    With our push for Europe gathering momentum what are your thoughts on the benefits of us achieving that goal next season?
    Heres a few to start us off........Pros.....increased revenue, opportunity to attract bigger names in the transfer window, obvious tilt at another trophy, we belong in Europe and need to be thereabouts to develop.
    Cons.....too many fixtures for a small squad, a tin pot tournament taking us to the depths eastern europe to get lumps kicked out of us......erm any more?
    Obviously Im aware that we havent actually qualified for anything yet and after next weeks fixtures I see that Fulham may well create some daylight between us.......but are you eager for us to take our rightful place amongst europes top clubs or do you think a season away may be beneficial to Harry building a real team for future contention?
    Im old skool and cant see further than the next achievement...we belong up there with the best so its Europa for me......thoughts?

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    • Always take the cup comp; always. Our squad's not really small compared to many (we've cover - to varying degrees of success - in every position), and I don't want to shock any of you, but we're not going to win the league next year. However, we could win Europa. It's not 'a distraction' before you've got anything else to concentrate on, it's exciting, it's pride & it keeps our name (more) established around the continent.

      I can't think of any reason to not want to be entered into a cup comp, even if you think you'll be out in the first round, and if you don't want it you've lost the joy of the game.

      Sorry to be so on the fence about this ;)

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      • I agree.

        European competition is the aim of every club, every player and every supporter. Right from the first second of a new season until its conclusion in May.

        We belong in Europe and who knows next season we may even get opposition in France, Belgium, Holland or Spain.

        I along with about 10,000 other yids went out to see Spurs play against Anderlecht in December 07 and even though I didn't get a match ticket the experience was enough to make me want to return again ( that is if we get there ).

        Every single Brussels hotel was booked solid with Spurs fans, we overtook their boozers and for 3 days it felt like a home from home!

        So for me its the Europa Cup all the way!

    • I would take european competition everytime.
      My memories of european nights at the lane are just some of the best nights there. I was there in the one season we played in the top competition as well. What a magical experience. I know we have most of the best players in the world in our Premier league, but there are still others to excite us playing for european teams. Messi, David Villa, Kaka, to name but 3. Who wouldn't want to see them performing on our turf????
      Yes go for it Harry and play some of the kids in the earlier rounds to give them experience too. We have almost a full team out on loan at present, so the squad can't be that small.

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      • definitly get in it if we can, we can always put out frigne/youth players. i personally would rather been in it then not,but im not that bothered when we go out of it as its such a hard cup to win.
        i agree with sfer, harry did the right thing by putting out a weaker team in uefa cup & also theres risk of injuries the more games we play.
        & dont forget theres a good chance that we would have been knocked out even with our strongest team out.
        althou i think this all irrelevant because i cant see us getting 7th spot. we still got man u,everton & liverpool away which are all very much loseable games. i expect us to beat west brom & just overcome man city so thats 6 more pts which wont be enough although i think we will get a draw at everton so call it 7pts which i reckon will give fulham 7th & us 8th & hammers 9th

    • Sfer (Sfre,Sefr and any other mistyping (Chinese Beauty pageant contestant))
      But our squad size hasn't changed (taking loans into consideration) - so my problem is '...how can any manager say that 30 players isn't enough for 4 competitions...'. I totally agree that staying in the EPL is the prime concern, but don't you expect more after £n million spent in the past 4-5 years and a squad of 30?
      Weren't there comments on another thread re the strength (and cost) of our reserves compared to Arsenal? So if our reserves are that 'good' doesn't that imply we have some form of depth?

      My point is that I thought (and still think) that the squad IS already good enough to compete in 4 competitions. So that includes EPL, CC, FAC and EUFA. We should have been able to have progressed in the UEFA and the EPL. Surely we should be able to scrape two decent teams from 30? And if we can't - then there's the rub - we've wasted our money. But that could've been due to a club policy of '..buy young and cheap and sell on at a profit ...' rather than a footballing motive per se.

      Watch this space - as you'll see players that we cast out of our squad go straight into the first teams of other EPL teams next season and be successes. So it's not about the squad - 9/10's of the problem is down to who the manager likes and what style he prefers. - and then what the influence of club policy is. You've played - how many times have you seen players picked and bought that you could never in a month of Sundays understand? I also think 'arry had one eye on headlines as he wants to be given at least a chance at the England job and 'arry didn't then care about the squad per se, just his reputation - and staying up and achieving mid table + ..... Cynical or what?

      I'll also be interested in seeing what the effect of the transfer window is on the squad and what 'arry's thinking then was as to what areas were lacking - maybe then I'l understand why the squad wasn't good enough ;-).

      Back to the thread's subject. Pro's all the way. You play football to compete against the best - football is worldwide, so you need to be playing against foreign opposition (I'm not so sure that point is now as valid as it was 20 years ago since the influx of foreign players, managers and coaching staff) as often as possible. Irrespective of what the big boys say, the UEFA is still a competition to be proud of winning.

      What order of priorities would you give?
      To me the priorities fluctuate - ie if you're at the bottom of the EPL, staying up is no 1. If your in shouting distance of the top then winning the EPL is the priority. Then if you're mid table then a good cup run and possibly europe become no 1. And if you're already in the CC or EUFA then that to me comes 2nd behind the top priority - or else there was no point in achieving europe in the previous season.

    • Can't argue with that John. I think we agree on most things. The PL is the priority for everybody and so it should be. Glory is one thing but it's the PL money that pays the bills and allows teams to succeed.

      I am not sure if the squad is the same size as it was at the start of the season (Keane, Defoe, Plaicios, Chimbonda) all back plus a couple of long term injuries (Hutton, Bale) coming back but the point is it was the league position that made the decision for Arry to pull out of the Cup. If we are mid table I would expect him to go for it. The squad may well have been good enough for Arry to have taken the chance but he chose not to and I for one am behind that choice. Failure could not have been tolerated and this way we get the chance again.

      Arry may want the England job, and who can blame him, but he will need to show he is good enough by taking Spurs into territory we have not been in for a long long time and if he does that I will be a very happy man indeed.

      Priorities do indeed flutuate and we all have an opinion on that but, as you can guess, I am an Arry fan and I trust him to get it right until he proves me wrong.

    • I honestly hope that 'arry is the one - but then I hope that with each new manager - and 'arry deserves *at least* a couple of full seasons to show what he can do. There have been two many 'false' starts over the years.
      We seem to have had one or two good managers and our fair share of appalling ones.
      I just look back (and maybe this is through rose coloured spectacles) - but I don't remember seeing any other Spurs manager appear to willingly pull out of a competition - and with the luxury of a squad of 30 (look at the spurs home pages - the 30 are the 1st team ones, then there's the academy (of which one or two have already seen 1st team action) and the 'other' professionals. Maybe I'm just getting jaundiced in my old age and expect tooooooooo much of people who are supposed to be professional and who are being paid millions to do a job others would love to do for a fraction of the amount.

      I may not agree with what 'arry did, but that is just one decision - and whether it is 'arry's influence or just the team gelling like they should, no one can dispute the change that has occurred since he's been there.

      So here's to a top 7 this season and europe next - and trying to win it!...and to 'arry being the one who will finally break the strangle hold of the top 4.....

    • I have been as cynical as that for years John. I think, given where we were at the time, Arry was right to do what he did. He was not to know what was going to happen and probably at that time did not know too much about the players in terms of ability or willingness to die for the cause.

      I also beleive that Arry does not stand shirkers too well which means he will get rid of anybody that does not want to give his all and will get players in that will.

      Unfortunately there are far too many players that are in the game for the money and not for the club that pays them. We have to just suffer that fact. I still have faith in Arry being the "one" and I am looking forward to next season already.