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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Apr 21, 2009 23:23 Flag

    isnt it nice to see berbatov getting grief.

    i love it, the lazy attitude the shit penalty which lead to everton beating them.

    just shows the grass aint always greener mate. 30 million quid is he the darren bent of manchester united hahahahaha.

    ps before anyone shouts at me , yes i loved him when he was with us and yes he was fantastic, but im still bitter lol.

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    • i started this thread as good berbas getting stick and people have added good points ,
      yes berba is skillfull and did a fantastic job upfront with robbie. but his attitude stunk at the end and he messed the morale of the team up , i thnk setting us back further in our progress.
      as for robbie well it hurt more when he went but i feel he is somewhere near provinghis worth. yes maybe he feels that he is biggere then spurs , thats why he will play all 90 minutes each week. but he is a leader and some one to give us a bit of character and thats what we need right now.

      anyway it was nice to see berba get stick and i hope we do the mancs over this saturday. robbie to score would makeit all sweeter. lol

    • No use saying sorry now you have got us all at loggerheads ;-)

      OK the guy might be a bit Irish but he must have known the WHL faithful would not be willing to forgive overnight and if that is the case then he realised he would get some stick but he still came back. He didn't have to - there are plenty of PL clubs that would have given him ( a 15 to 20 a year striker when on form) a home and he wouldn't have had to put up with any stick at all.

      I suppose I just see why he went and as he is a trier I am willing to forget and let him prove he is worth it. After all, before he had his Liverpool fiasco we all loved him (or at least I thought we did!!!) Anyway, this started as a "good Berba's getting stick" thread and now it's turned on little old Robbie. Nothing we can do about it so.....off for tea!

    • Actually, it was started by someone saying they don't like him, I thought I'd stir it up a bit by putting my PoV out there! (hehehe, I knew I was meddling, I just couldn't help myself! Much as I do now... sorry!)

      I can deny Keane loves the club, in fact I'll go so far as to say it's not love but arrogance that brought him back, and that his thoughts were, "this has gone tits up and the only team who want me now are Spurs, at least I know the fans love me there and they'll all be so grateful to get someone as good as me on the books" - I don't think it had occurred to the self-centred arse that some people might hold it against him for longer than a day.

      He doesn't bleed lilywhite, he bleeds Keane. We're the only club who've ever stuck with him for longer than a season, which has led him to believe he's bigger than the club, and he can do whatever he wants and we'll all be singing his name. At least it was clear with Berb: he thought it'd be better to join a club on the up & build himself some faux-loyalty (hence why he came to us & not Utd when he first had the chance) for when success came, but when we started crumbling off he went. But he wasn't the first rat off the sinking ship, that was our precious Robbie.

    • I see your point about the money but if Keane had wanted to go somewhere else it would have happened regardless of that.

      All I am saying is that Keane gives 100% effort and although he does not have the same skills as Berba that effort, to me anyway, means that he is better for the team than Berba.

      The reasons they left may or not be the same but I doubt it. Berba left to play for a "bigger" club and earn more money and glory and the way he went around getting what he wanted was disgraceful. Keane strikes me as not in the same mould. Yes of course he wanted all that as well but he was prepared to work hard for it and he didn't let us down in the same way by being petulant.

      I'm not saying Keane bleeds lillywhite but you can't deny he loves the club otherwise why come back? (if you accept the fact it wasn't to do with money as above). He obviously knew he would get stick and that some fans would not forget he left us and that it would take time to win those over again but he went with it anyway.

      By the way, I am not in love with either of them ( I like Keanes effort and Berba's apathy gets on my nerves) so it makes no odds to me - all I was pointing out was the fact that there are differences in the circumstances and its interesting that as supporters we all have different opinions on who is worth a second chance and who isn't.

      The thread started by someone saying they liked Berba from what I remember and that is against the majority from what I can tell. You have made it clear you are not a Keane fan - no skin off my nose either way Rambro.

    • that made my season him missing that penalty the incredible sulk is back wont be long before he is spitting his dummy out again and wanting to leave

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      • The only surprise is that even SAF couldnt kick some enthusiasm into this bloke! I felt sure that Utd would get the best out of him but it looks like he may simply be too laid back for his own good. While that may be good enough for most teams it surely cannot work at a club like Utd alongside people like Tevez, Rooney and Anderson showing you how it's done.. At his best for us he was frightningly good but once he decided he didnt want to stay it was a no brainer that he wouldnt turn up anymore.
        Whats the betting he moves on to some backwater like AEK or PSG...where he can be lord of the manor again and do FA all day? Surely the big euro clubs wont want him now? Mind you stranger things happen at sea!

    • er...Sfer...what!!! Keane came back as a part of deal to save money(un-paid portion of original deal etc)...there's no way he was going to another PL club...at least not in January.

      As you can tell I'm of a different opion on our man Keane (a winning hatrick against United could go a long way to changing that), I'm not convinced he bleeds Lillywhite!

      The reasons you give as acceptable reasons for him leaving are credible, but in the context of the thread (Berbatov) why are they good reason for him and not for The Sulk? (Or am I taking this somewhere it wasn't intended?).

      Back to Berbatov...I'll reserve my comment until after the game (he did knock us out of the FA Cup...remember!).

    • It's funny isn't it nbr how fans of the same club can have such a difference of opinion on the same player. From what I have read, the majority think that Berba is a lazy sulky waste of talent who happens to show the odd flash of absolute genius.

      Personally I saw the flashes but I also saw some very lazy play that cost us points and very badly affected the moral of the team. On balance, I would not want him back.

      Keane however always gives 100% and, although the way he went was an insult to us, I can see why he went (CL and a better prospect of medals) and he could have easily gone to another PL club so it took a lot of balls to come back and shows to me that deep down he loves WHL.

    • thats kinda how i feel essex, it was hard seeing them go especially how berba and keane went. but u have to get behind the team u have, (unless its jeans or bent-joke)

      i just think its funny that a player who is supposed to b worth 30 million and the final peice i the man utd puzzle is now being questioned and people see the sideof him we saw when he wanted out.
      anyway he is gone like u said so come on you spurs lets show him who we are and how we r better now hes sulking else where.
      2-1 to us on saturday. dont care who scores just as long as we beat them.

    • Ive basically forgotten about Berbs.......apart from my sentiments above I couldnt really care less about him....he is no longer Spurs.......I felt the same when Defoe and Keane left....call it a defense mechanism but I didnt pine for them nor even get that angry they had gone......now they are back they are Spurs and therefore back in the fold and back in my affections........and Berbs? well he's just another rival player from a rival club........fcuk him and all who sail in him!

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