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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Apr 22, 2009 17:22 Flag

    isnt it nice to see berbatov getting grief.

    Without wishing to open up yet another very tired argument, I really don't understand how so many Spurs fans have welcomed Keane back with open arms and yet are angry with Berbatov. By and large he played out of his skin for us; fair enough his attitude at the beginning if this season stunk but I'd be pissed off if I'd made it clear I wanted out, and my bosses had made it clear I'd be leaving but had dragged the saga out for 3 months. Up until then he'd been (imo) a good professional for us; he'd been chased about leaving since he signed on the dotted line, and he was fully committed to the club for at the least first year when he had options to leave. In his second year he realised we weren't pushing as high as he'd hoped, he got restless, and - without issuing a 'come and get me' plea - allowed us to know he was thinking of leaving because of personal ambition. In fairness, from two 5th place finishes allowing him to believe we'd be getting into CL fairly soon, going to 11th & the mediocrity of the end of that season are you surprised he was off?

    In his first season he'd been doing amazingly well for us and everyone talked about his "cool playing style", in his second season defenders had learnt how to mark him and the same style of play is laziness.

    I do find it a little bit hard to see him in a Utd shirt, but all the best to him; he's a great player in a team whose style of play will suit him, and I hope he settles in well (eventually) and the Utd fans get off his back.