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  • Charlie Charlie Apr 23, 2009 18:13 Flag

    Latest Spurs Fans Propoganda

    "We are enjoying a tremendous season. We look forward to hoisting the Premiership trophy this year as we continue to crush our foes."

    "We are currently in the process of major renovations to our front office so that we will be able to accommodate the 15-20 trophies we will win over the next five years."

    "Our players our the strongest, most skilled in the world. Their biggest fear is falling asleep during matches as they are bored by the lack of competition."

    "Our manager is a tactical genius and will make people forget the names Busby, Shankly, Chapman and Clough."

    "Our youth development program is the best in the world. We have an under-11 team that would win Division 1 right now."

    "Spurs fans are the most knowledgeable, most intelligent fans in Europe. Any one of them could step in and coach in the Premiership today."

    "Our victories over our rival Arsenal will be swift and merciless. We will beat them by double-digit scores. The referees will call the games at halftime in an effort to save the dignity of the other team."

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