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  • Alan H Alan H Apr 24, 2009 17:11 Flag

    Man United ?

    What's going on guys, no mention of the weekend's big game?
    Strange--very strange.

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    • ok alan h i will say 2-1 to spurs , its gonna be a tough one . man utd will need to win but i think we are the team to put a spanner in their works.

      so i hope we come out all guns blazing get the ball out to lennon and modric cos out wide is where i think we can hurt them. pava to start with keane so get the crosses in for our big ruskie.and lets shag the mancs and keep our 100% record for not losing against the top going.

    • did i say that? are you a mind reader? i think no is the answer to both those questions don't you.

      you ask an opinion, then try your hand at petty little windups, maybe that's how it works up t'north, refresh my memory a little here, what is your team? go on indulge me......................;-)

    • Brown Ale's the clue and you know anyway---you're winding me up you bugger.
      Why are you saying petty wind ups, Berlin. Would you rather put up a brave rearguard performance and get beat one nowt.
      Just my opinion, that's all.

    • i think we will lose 3-0. we have an awful record at old trafford.
      also i dont understand way some ppl think we are playing really well lately. yes we have been pretty solid & won our last 2 but this was against a poor struggling newcastle team & a depleted hammers. in both games we only scored 1 & both teams had chances to score against us. against utd those chances would have been taking.
      and the game before them,we lost to blackburn, hardly scary stuff for utd.
      and dont forget that got the officials on there side.
      i dont think we will be domianted but we will miss our chances & they will take there 3 so il go for 3-0.

    • and before blackburn we beat chelsea and villa so there is a chance to beat man utd. and before that we beat middlsbourgh and hull so it makes it 6 wins out of seven. and if i recal hull beat arsenal so they are a good side. chelsea are ex champions.

      a win is a win regardless of who it is against it brings confidence and going into a big game like this thats what u need.

      so STOP being pessamistic(ok spellings shite dont need to be reminded) and get behind them. if we can beat villa , chelsea and west ahm etc then man utd is there for the taking as well.

    • Hear hear!

      (although I don't think we'll win, but shh - by 5pm tomorrow I'll have convinced myself!)

      For me, the contest of the match'll be Assou-Ekkotu vs Ronaldo; A-E did a great job of silencing him in the cup final and I'll watching that again. If we can keep them quiet on the (our) left, that'll be a good way to cut up for an attack - I wonder if O'Hara might get brought on quite early, he's fearless enough to enjoy it and it'd be worth having a gutsy left-footer on there.

      Hmm... the more I think about it, the more positive I feel about this. Assuming Ledley's ok for it (a massive assumption I know...) we've got a pretty solid back 4 who have played a lot together and are used to each other, and one or two good selections for back up, we've got plenty of choices for midfield (of varying quality admittedly, but none that we wouldn't have been happy with a few months back), and if Pav and Defoe/Keane are ok to play up front I'll be delighted.

      But more than that, for the first time in a really long time we've got a fairly settled team, who know each other and are used to playing together. I think that was one of our biggest problems at the beginning of the season, and now that's sorted it can only be a good thing.

      Does anyone know anything about Dawson & Jenas's injuries? I presume Daws is out for the season, any idea on JJ?

      Really, it'll be a tactical contest, but it's a bit easier for us because we'll be adapting our play to suit theirs, so they'll be having to guess how we'll do that & respond to that... should be a goodie.

    • thats better, i think ur right we r settled and thats why weve done better since arry as been with us.
      i really think that we have a chance of winning this.and if we come out playing like we can then 3 points is ours.

    • villa havent won in 12 so even thou it was a good away win, it wasnt against a team in form & the same goes for hull & boro.
      im not knocking these wins like u seem to think, but all im saying is that just because we beat those sorts of teams it dont mean man utd or for the taking.
      how can u compare wins against hull,boro,an off form villa to an away win at old trafford to man united. im not saying we dont have a chance because we usually play ok against them but as always i think they will take there chances & we wont take ours.
      i still we can compete well but will lack the cutting edge.
      dawson is out for season & jenas is still unfit.
      good chance pavy wont be fit too.
      so it will be bent & keane upfront.
      fingers crossed king is fit.

    • Spursbabe - don't understand your negativity here. Ask yourself this, if we were playing Pompey tomorrow what would you predict? Personally I would want to see at least a two goal win.

      What did Manure manage against them this week? 2 -0

      So why should we not expect at least a draw?

    • i really hope your proved wrong spursbabe

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